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App Building, App Design Fleur 12 Apr 2013

You start with an app. The scan of your website has been completed and your new app now contains a few building blocks. Time to start designing your app! You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” So how is it that you change the design of your app?

We’ve actually made this relatively simple but first you need to know the basics. There are three places where you can change the design of your app: at the green “Design” block, at the “Home” block, and you can change the design for each building block.



A. Design

You will want to start at the green “Design” block. These settings will form your app-wide settings. If you set a background image here it will be reflected throughout the entire app. You can customize these settings for the home screen or for each individual building block. Think of this as a good way of setting default design values for your entire app. Just remember, these can be changed for specific building blocks and the home screen.

B. Home > Design

The blue “Home” block determines aesthetics of your app’s home screen. If you don’t change any settings here your home screen will reflect the app-wide settings in the green “Design” block.

C. Building Block > Designer

Here you can customize the design settings for each individual building block. This is only available if you are building a “Designer” app. You can upgrade to a “Designer” app here as well. If you’ve put a lot of work into the content of your app and aren’t sure whether you want a “Designer” app then it might be a good idea to make a copy of your app first before testing the “Designer” settings. You can restore the app wide settings of a building block too. These are the settings under the green “Design” block.


App users generally expect an app design with a certain element of continuity between screens. Starting at the green “Design” block allows you to set a default app wide aesthetic. From here you can go on to change the design settings for the home screen. Choose the desired navigation style here and choose some nice images that fit the theme well.

If you’d like to use colors to distinguish different themes within your app then you can do this by changing the design settings for individual building blocks. For example, you can set different colors for the wine menu and food menu of a restaurant app and choose background images that go with those different menus.

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