Dj Dash Berlin Uses App To Stay In Touch With Fans

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 22 Sep 2014

Being one of the world’s most popular EDM dj’s, Dash Berlin’s tour schedule is fully packed with gigs from China to Cancun and from Singapore to Sydney. For his fans, the official Dash Berlin app is the way to stay in touch with their favorite dj.

Dash Berlin has been present in the DJ Mag top 100 for several years, and is now one of the most popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) dj’s in the world. Jeffrey Sutorius – the official name of the Dutch dj, recently published his own mobile app. AppMachine had the chance to speak to the busy dj while he traveled from one gig to another.

Jeffrey, you have almost 400.000 followers on Twitter, 3 million likes on Facebook, more than 200.000 followers on Soundcloud and millions of views on YouTube. And now your own mobile app? What does that add?

“An app is an attractive and visual way to keep my fans informed with a personal touch. The app shows all my social media, so my fans can see in a glance where I am and what I´m doing. The app shows social media in a more exclusive way than the regular channels do. The Dash Berlin app only contains my Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, so my fans are not distracted by other tweets and posts.”

What do you mean with ‘a visual way’?

“The app is beautifully designed, completely according to our brand style. Even Facebook and Twitter in the app are in Dash Berlin style, that looks better than on Facebook and Twitter themselves. That really makes the app a personal experience. Also the user interface is very visual, fans can see everything in a glance on their smartphone like tour data and news. And you can watch my You Tube video clips in the app.”

But it’s all about the music right? How about your beats on my mobile?

“Just plug in your headphones! Tracks, lyrics and Souncloud are all integrated in the app. A lot of tracks can be heard for 30 secs, so you can decide if you’d like to buy the track on iTunes. All my tracks on Souncloud are free, of course. The app even contains a shop where fans can customize T-shirts and order them.”

The app was made AppMachine. How was it, to build your app?

“Great, it was fun and easy to do! Anyone can make his own app with AppMachine. As a dj I turn the table’s until I’m satisfied. With AppMachine you just stack your building blocks to make your perfect app! We’re all happy with the Dash Berlin app, all my users react enthusiastically.”


Download the app for iOS and Android.