Famo.us and AppMachine Meetup Renews Future For Web Apps

App Building, AppMachine News, Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 19 Aug 2014

AppMachine and JavaScript-based development framework Famo.us have announced an exciting partnership which enables app builders to build visually stunning mobile web apps without coding. Famo.us and AppMachine announced their partnership last week during a meetup in San Francisco. The cooperation will change the face of mobile app developing drastically and renews the future of web apps. Up to now, mobile web apps were not as user friendly and fancy as native apps. AppMachine, therefore, only delivered high quality native apps, for iPhone and Android. AppMachine now uses Famo.us technology to build ‘native feeling’ mobile apps in the browser. HTML5 web apps will now look just as good as any native app.

Web Apps are instantly available

One of the differences between native apps and web apps  is that web apps are distributed via a URL, not via the app stores. “They are instantly available and you don’t need a developer license for the stores either,” AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra explains. That makes developing mobile apps easier.

AppMachine has been creating native apps since three years and will now start to facilitate mobile web apps. “Untill now, HTML didn’t give us the possibilities we were looking for, so we didn’t start working on our mobile web app version,” says AppMachine’s CEO who joined Facebook, VentureBeat and Google for a keynote speech at the Famo.us meetup. “Famo.us brings in the groundbreaking technology we were waiting for. App builders will now be able to deliver mobile web apps that equal the quality and user experience of native apps.”

You can watch Siebrand’s presentation at the Famo.us meetup in the YouTube video below:

Introducing Siebrand

It looks and feels better than native

“We have been investing heavily in the Famo.us technology from the first release in December 2013 with a large team of developers,” Siebrand says. “In the past months a team of developers has been working at the Famo.us office back to back to the Famo.us developers to make sure that these apps look at least as good as the native apps that are being built using our app CMS. The first 1000 HTML5 apps powered by Famo.us technology will be released in the fall.”  Famo.us just raised $25M to double down on its innovative JavaScript framework.

60 frames a second, how smooth is that?

What does Famo.us technology actually add to the mobile web experience? 60 frames a second! That will make your transitions as smooth as watching tv. Watch the YouTube video for a sneak preview of all the powerful Famo.us possibilities. Famous Sliders

Sneak Peak First example: VentureBeat

At the Famo.us meetup Matt Marshall, the CEO of VentureBeat, showed the first version of the mobile web app of VentureBeat using Famo.us technology. “Mobile needs to be a fast and engaging experience,” Matt says. “When AppMachine showed what they were doing my jaw dropped. The images in the web app are moving quite elegant and I can finally swipe through all the stories of our blog. I’ve never been able to do that on my HTML 5 site. I am the least technical person in the room, but building apps with AppMachine is so easy, anyone can do it.” You can watch Matt Marshall’s presentation at the Famo.us meetup in the YouTube video below:

Matt demonstrating