Fancy Food Truck Festivals? This Is The App To Have

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 29 Jun 2015

Fancy good food at nice locations? Then Reizende Sterren (Dutch for Travelling Stars) is a welcome addition to your smartphone. The wonderfully designed and free app presents a list of food trucks, street food festivals and other mobile kitchens in the Netherlands and just over the borders.

The app Reizende Sterren is the dynamic version of the book with the same title of writer Monica Abdoel. The app is so dynamic you’ll even find a map showing which food trucks or festivals are situated in your neighborhood. And there are quite a lot of foodtrucks and festivals to visit these days: from Joerie Tandoerie’s BBQ to The Dutch Rubarb Week.


App is a good supplement to the book

Do you prefer Asian food? Or would you like to know where to eat vegetarian or gluten-free? The extensive search option in the app tells you where to go. “The app is such a good supplement to my book,” says Monica. “The food truck owners are very pleased with an extra promotion channel and our app users also respond enthusiastically: ‘this is exactly what we need,’ they say.”

Unique login for every contributor

The app was made by full service digital agency Exxtra Interactive. Exxtra gave every food truck owner the possibility to alter his own data with WordPress. “There are many contributors, ” says Branko Booij from Exxtra “who have to update their own data. So we partially made a web app and gave every contributor a unique login which enables them to alter only their own data. They cannot change anything else in the app or remove a competitor from the app.”

Amazed by AppMachine’s possibilities

The combination of native app and mobile web proves again how versatile AppMachine’s CMS is. “I started testing the CMS myself,” says Branko “and discovered that you have almost endless possibilities when using AppMachine. I really was amazed. Normally app development is a big black box to me because our programmers use all kinds of difficult programming languages, but with AppMachine I could easily make an app myself. My colleagues took care of fine tuning the design and the technical WordPress part.”


Beautiful simplicity in the most aesthetic way

Writer Monica Abdoel counts herself lucky with the end result and the cooperation with Exxtra Interactive. “They way they have implemented the existing graphic design and corporate style of my book in the app is impressive. I’m very pleased with the app. It combines quality and a superior user experience with an beautiful simplicity in the most aesthetic way.” And may we add the app probably has one of the most beautiful splash screens we have seen so far…

Download the app Reizende Sterren for iPhone or Android.