German app built with AppMachine is No. 1 in iTunes charts – More than 150.000 Downloads in one week

AppMachine News Liz Bollema 30 Oct 2013

50,000 .. 100,000 .. 150.000 downloads! In just one week the new German app “Tricks for the iPhone” catapulted to the top of the iTunes charts and is the most downloaded free app in Germany. Passing heavyweights like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook –  the app that our client,, built with AppMachine made it to number one on Apple’s charts!

We say, “Congratulations!” and are as delighted as our client Samuel Wulf, the initiator of the blog and builder of this smashing app!

“We never could have expected that our app could be number one in Germany” Samuel told us. But the success is not by accident.

Three reasons why the app is successful:

  • An app as a guide: The app offers value to its users, because everyone wants to know the secret tricks of his iPhone.
  • The app is free. Free apps are downloaded far more often than paid apps. Publish a free app – and then monetize through in-app purchases.
  • Communication is everything! Twitter, Facebook , QR code placement, press releases; everybody is talking about the app – and the curiosity leads more users to the iTunes store.

AppMachine helps users to drum up business for their app. There is a free app site and a QR code for each app so that it’s easy to promote your app.

TopApps_iPhone By the way, the app is not only a hit in Germany, but also in the neighboring German-speaking countries: from Luxembourg to Austria to Switzerland, users want to discover the tricks for the iPhone.

“In the download statistics that AppMachine provides within the CMS, we can track exactly how many users have downloaded the app, where they are from, what they clicked most often and how long they stayed in the app,” says Samuel. So he can easily track how his app evolves.

All of us are already looking forward to the 200,000th download!

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