Get Better Deals With The Reseller Bundles

AppMachine News, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 15 Oct 2015

AppMachine introduces a new pricing model for resellers: the Reseller Bundles. Resellers now buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price which makes app building and becoming a Reseller even more beneficial.

We just love our resellers! They are our most loyal customers and true AppMachine ambassadors. So we decided to cut them a better deal for their app subscriptions: the Reseller Bundles. You now buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price: a small bundle of 3 for or a large bundle of 30 for or any combination of bundles.

The Reseller Bundles make app building more beneficial since you could end up paying as little as a month for an app. And resellers are free what to charge their clients for an app.

Why are Reseller Bundles a better deal?

The bundle subscription fits your business better because you simply have more choice. You could start small, add up multiple bundles or even may use one app seat twice, for different events for example. This means you can change an app for another within your bundle.

Formerly all resellers paid a subscription and got a discount on every app. The subscription was too expensive for some small businesses and for larger app companies the discount just wasn´t good enough. The new bundles enable you to get started as a reseller with a small initial investment and add up multiple bundles if you start being successful.

The benefits of becoming reseller

If you publish multiple apps and maintain them, you better become an AppMachine reseller. You get a better deal and many other reseller benefits such as:

  • White Label Program
  • Set your own pricing
  • Get featured on
  • Territory leads
  • Training program

The apps business is booming and you could be part of it. Start your apps business today. You just need some sales skills a bit of creativity and a Reseller Bundle.

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