Get Your Share Of The Holiday Season Sales

App Building, Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 1 Dec 2014

Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, toys or electronics you’re selling, you better sell them via the smartphones of your customers. According to several surveys* this year’s holiday shopping season will see a rise in mobile sales with many consumers already using their mobile exclusively for their purchase decision.

  • In the first three weeks of the holiday season, from Nov 1 to Nov 20,  almost 25% of e-commerce orders were made with mobile phones or tablets. This was 17% in 2013.
  • In the past four years, the percentage of traffic to e-commerce sites from mobile devices (phones and tablets) jumped from 3% to nearly 37%.
  • Mobile e-commerce shows a total growth of 1875% between 2010-2013. And that is not a typo. It really is a stunning growth of 1875%.
  • Mobile e-commerce is now a $40 billion market in the US, up from $2 billion in 2010. The market grew From $2.2 billion in 2010 to $42.8 billion in 2013 and will likely hit $50 billion in sales in 2014.

Most mobile consumers still begin their quest for the best shopping deals with a mobile browser and a Google search. This is where you can be ahead of your competitors by using a mobile app to service your customers.

Sell products directly in an app

Although 60 % of consumers already use mobile exclusively for their purchase decision, the majority still uses a desktop for the actual purchase. Mobile conversion rates stay behind because mobile websites are not that shopper friendly. Mobile websites drive traffic to your website, but don´t sell products directly. Mobile apps do.

Mobile apps: more repeat purchases

Mobile apps are going to change the path to purchase form desktop purchase to convenient mobile shopping with an accelerated growth of repeat purchasers. Apps offer a far better user experience than mobile websites. With an app it is so much easier for people to browse wherever they are: in the train, bus or boat, between meetings et cetera. It’s also a fact that people only browse a limited  number of apps. That’s not a weakness, it’s a chance to strengthen customer loyalty and improve your Customer Lifetime Value. If they’re happy using your app, you won’t lose them to other apps.

Get ready for next year’s shopping season

So, if you don´t have a mobile app yet, you missed this year’s Black Friday and you’re probably going to miss Cyber Monday, but if you start building your app right now, you’ll sure get your share of next year’s mobile holiday sales.

Why build your app with AppMachine

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Adobe 2014 Holiday Shopping Prediction

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(a free online dashboard tracking over 100 US online retailers, 100 million online shoppers, and over $40 billion in transaction revenue.)

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