How Do I Make An App Using AppMachine?

App Building, AppMachine News Liz Bollema 14 Sep 2014

Make your own app with AppMachine, the online software that enables anyone to build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. How do you start building apps? This article describes the basic principles of building apps with AppMachine.

For beginners and pro’s

AppMachine is software anyone can use. You don’t need programming skills. Beginners can build their own app within hours thanks to the pre-programmed building blocks. If you’re a professional developer, you can use AppMachine to build advanced apps with data linking and custom JavaScript.

Building an app is free. You only pay when you publish your app in the app stores, so feel free to experiment! You can watch your app live on your smartphone while you are building it by installing the free app previewer.


Start by making your account at AppMachine. It’s free of charge and does not contain any obligations.

You may build an unlimited number of apps. Make your account here.

Use a website to get started

Your Website, or your client´s, is a good starting point for an app. You can apply the website´s design and content to your app partially. The first step when building an app is to let AppMachine scan your Website automatically. That only takes seconds. Just give the URL and the AppMachine CMS crawls the Website to find photos, videos, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and RSS feeds. You can put this information in your app. Of course, you can skip this step and fill your app with different content.

AppMachine Crawler

Design your app

The next step is to choose a basic design for your app. There are a large number of templates waiting for you: the so-called skins. With a few modifications, you can easily change the skin into a unique custom design. You may also use several ready-made icons or you can even design your own icons. If you’d like to go pro with your app, you may consider hiring a graphic designer to do the job.

The skin you choose has a specific navigation menu and has a color scheme. This can be changed and customized later on, but what you choose here will be the basic design of your app. If you would like to know more about choosing a main menu for your app, please read our article How do you choose a navigation style for your app? This article explains when you should choose a text menu, icon menu, or another kind of menu.

So, you have your Website scanned and the design is ready. You now can continue with building your app.

Add Blocks

Choose your building blocks

Easily add content and functionality to your app by choosing building blocks. Click on “+Block” and you’ll get an overview of all building blocks you can use. Click on any block to see a short description of the building block. You can change and customize the design of each building block separately and you may change the text and content of each and every block.

AppMachine Blocks

Use these building blocks to add all the content to your app: company information, a description of your event or exhibition, agendas, “call me now” functions, etc. You can also link to existing content on the Internet: RSS feeds, YouTube channels, or Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can import data with Excel or connect to web services.

Developers can even make their own functionality with JavaScript.

Watch your app live

Install the previewer on your smartphone to watch your app live on your smartphone while you are building the app. Or let others have a look. Anyone who installs the previewer and is invited by the builder can see the app live in action. Building an app still is free of charge. You only pay when you publish your app in the stores.

Publish in the app stores

Once your app is ready, it’s time to publish in the various app stores for iOS and Android. For iPhones, it’s the App Store, for Android it’s Google Play. It’s also possible to publish apps outside these app stores. There are enterprise apps, for example internal in-company apps, and they are distributed by a URL. Please read our article Publishing apps now even easier to find out how to exactly publish your app.


Using the app

As soon as your app is available in the stores, anyone can download and use the app. Use our advanced analytics dashboard to find out how many users you have, on what phone they use the app, and in which region they are. You can link your Google Analytics account to your app. If you do so, it´s smart to also use AppMachine´s more profound and detailed analytics.

AppMachine Analytics

Make an app with AppMachine! Try it now, it’s fun to do.

Build your own app

You start paying when you publish your app in the app stores

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