Improved Loyalty Card: Better Insight Into User Data

App Building, New Features Jerry Lieveld 13 Jan 2017

The improved version of our Loyalty Card block contains a number of new features that give app owners a better insight into user data such as customer transactions.

In our Designer and the white label CMS, an improved user table has been added to make interpretation of app user data concerning the Loyalty Card much more comprehensive and easier.

The new tracking tools allow you to accurately monitor your consumers’ purchasing behavior and the transaction per employee. And as you probably know, a solid understanding of user data is essential for mobile marketing.

Monitor the 500 most recent transactions

One of the new features is an overview of the most recent (500) transactions that have been performed by your customers and employees. You’ll find this on the new ‘Transactions’ tab in the Designer.

A personal offer to the 50 most active customers? How would that convert?

What does this new monitoring tool add? It gives insight into valuable data such as ‘Who is your best selling employee?’ Who are your most active customers?’ Imagine what you could do when you combine such an overview with the recently added tool to send personal push messages to registered users? A push message with a special offer to all app users could be annoying or even inappropriate for some users. But a personal offer to your 50 most active customers? How would such an offer convert?

Check the total amount of points for each user


App owners also get insight into the total amount of points that have been assigned to a specific user. Be aware that customers with the most points on their Loyalty Card are your most loyal customers to whom you probably could sell more. Or reward these active customers with extra credits when they share or like something. The detail overview shows the history of each user as well.

Another welcome improvement is the ability to export your app users list to CSV, giving the marketing department a valuable basis for a mobile marketing strategy.

The Customer Loyalty Card is an in-app savings program that can be used for several purposes. You don’t have to limit its use to customers who buy products or a service.

Reward active employees or attending students


If you have an enterprise app which mainly is being used for internal communication, you could reward employees when they follow a workshop, webinar or attend a lecture. In a school app you stimulate students by rewarding them with points after each assignment or an extracurricular activity. App owners are free to decide what they reward, how many points each user gets and what amount of credits is needed for certain rewards.

Check the improved Loyalty Card