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AppMachine News Liz Bollema 16 Feb 2017

Six years already…¬†time flies when you’re having fun. Cheesy but true!

  • We’ve teamed up with Endurance.
  • We’ve been building new features for our AppMachine apps, like Push messages to groups or individuals.
  • We’ve said Goodbye to Windows Phone.
  • We’ve welcomed thousands of new users.
  • We published many great and awesome new apps.

We’ve had an awesome Pool Party, we’ve grown to about 40 colleagues.

We moved to Leeuwarden to develop on a higher level and enjoy the beautiful view every day!

This will be a wonderful birthday and we’d like to celebrate it together.
The upcoming week, you’ll get 60% off all annual subscriptions for new apps.

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xoxo Team AppMachine 


AppMachine 2016 photo gallery:

AppMachine 6 years