Keep Your App Design Up To Date

App Building, App Design Jerry Lieveld 5 Jul 2016

Does your app still meet the latest design trends and guidelines? Or do you want to brush up your app like Instagram just did? Above all: it’s crucial to keep your app design up to date. This is why.

Design is dynamic. Sure, a corporate style will last a couple of years, but app design’s expiration date comes a lot sooner. The mobile word is relatively new and still seeking the ultimate user experience.

Apps that look outdated? Goodbye users!

What app design do users like? A Facebook slider for their menu? Icons with skeuomorphism or minimalist flat design? Gradients or bright colors? User preference changes from time to time, but app users always prefer apps that look like modern widely used apps such as Facebook and Instagram. So if they change their design, we have to follow. Apps that look outdated? Say goodbye to your users cause old design says ‘we don’t care about you’.

App design is all about usability

What is good app design? If you haven’t read our article about the 2016 trends in app design, here’s a short summary: app design is all about usability, minimalist design, a simple serene interface and clear typography. Is that how your app looks? If not, change it!

Skins can be changed any time

If you’re new in app building you can choose several skins for your app. These skins can be changed or tweaked at any moment, even for published apps. We keep designing skins for our users and we recently added 8 news skins, some are intended for school apps but as always they’re free to use for any app. You can change logo’s, icons and headers to adjust any skin to your taste.


Are you building apps for clients? Inform them that their app design should be up to date and might need some adjustments. And of course you know how to brush up their app for a reasonable price, right?

Take some precautions

Changing an app design is easy, but take some precautions if you are working on a published app. Read our article How To Redesign An App

Check out our new skins or start tweaking your app in the Designer