Let Your App Stand Out With App Store Optimization

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 14 Feb 2017

Once your app is ready, you start your quest for users. How do you get as many app users as possible? A good presentation in the app stores is a first step many app builders neglect. Let your app stand out with app store optimization!

How do users find a new app? Sure, you do some marketing by promoting your app to (potential) clients and other users, but the majority of users just search for an app in the app stores. Most apps are discovered by browsing in the various app stores, including recommendation categories as ‘popular apps’, ‘editor’s picks’ and ‘users also installed…..’

Your chance to stay ahead of the competition

With ‘app store search’ being the main factor in attracting users, shouldn’t app store optimization be your first concern when publishing you app? Undoubtedly, you all are familiar with search engine optimization for websites. But do you optimize your mobile app for search results in the stores? Not many app builders do, so here’s your chance to be ahead of the competition.

App Store optimization (ASO) is the tool to let your mobile app rank higher in the app stores´ search results. The goal of ASO is an increased amount of traffic to your special app page. And that app page must be optimized for the crucial conversion: the user downloads your app!

Optimize your app for search:

  • use the right keywords;
  • take care of your app page;
  • make a proper app title;
  • write a good app description;
  • fill in the keyword fields;
  • include screen shots of the app;
  • gather many positive reviews.

First, do some consumer research. Why would anyone download your app? What makes your app better than the competitor’s app? What language do your potential users speak? What keywords would someone use to find an app like yours?

Use the right keywords for your app

Your search strategy starts with finding the right keywords. In both app stores it makes sense to place a keyword in your app title. In the Apple App Store, placing keywords in your app description does not help since keyword density in the description is not a factor in Apple’s search results.

Which keywords apply to your app to reach the top search query? Try, measure and experiment with keywords. Just as in SEO, general keywords are widely used with a lot of competition. Go for the more specific keywords.

I’ve spend way too much time in the app stores to find a decent soccer coaching app that included a score keeping feature, a tactics board and training exercises. I wished they had optimized their keywords properly because after hours of search I found out that soccer coaching apps with all these features where practically non-existent or far too expensive for an amateur.

Fill in the right keywords in the appropriate field on your app page. In the App Store you just have 100 characters specifically for your keywords.

Google allows you to use 4,000 characters, but you have to keep it natural. No keyword stuffing. Write text that makes sense to humans and make use of the right keywords in your apps’ description. (note: Google does not allow lists of keywords)

App title and description

Optimize your app for search by making a solid app title. Your app title can be longer in the stores than on the mobile screen. App titles in the store ranges from 23 characters for Apple to 30 characters for Google Play. On the screen app titles are usually shortened to 11 and 14 characters.

Use the right keywords and a proper app description. For Google Play you can also add the right keywords in your app description for a good search result. Make clear what your app is about in the first sentence of your app description. And remember you’re writing for humans, not for search engines. Keep your description actual. Adjust when your content changes.

Icon and screenshots

Also include an attractive app icon and screenshots of your app´s best pages on our app page. Always keep in mind that your app page is the go or no go for a download.


With AppMachine you only have to make screenshots with one device and we do the rest. Make screenshots with your iPhone and we´ll supply the Android screenshots. The Promotion tab in our the Designer offers all the information about the various size of icons and screenshots.

App Store Optimization? Not in the last two minutes

When you use AppMachine to make your app, you’ll automatically come across features such as the app title and app description when you publish your app. Pay attention to the publication wizard as this is the place to set up your search optimization. Be prepared before publishing your app as search optimization is not something you think of in the last two minutes before you publish.

ASO App Store Optimization

Once your app is live and running, try to get good reviews as they’re an important factor in the search results and in the conversion to download your app.

With AppMachine you also get a free promotional website for your app you can use for your marketing. When a user browses your website with a mobile device you can show a pop up message that promotes your mobile app to the mobile web visitor. You can find these features on the Promotion tab in the Designer.