Maartens Bird Machine: Classic Literature With Modern Live Streams

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 21 Nov 2014

The Dutch campaign Nederland Leest (The Netherlands Reads) stimulates the nationwide reading of one single Dutch literary masterpiece in a single month. The campaign supports classic literature with modern tools such as an app with live audio and video streaming. AppMachine offers a unique video opportunity, says app builder Chance Making Media. Let’s meet Maarten’s Bird Machine.

A Flight of Curlews

Nederland Leest is a national reading campaign in the Netherlands. The Collective Promotion of the Dutch Book (CPNB), under the order of the Dutch Libraries, each year promotes a Dutch literary masterpiece. This years’ book is A Flight of Curlews by Maarten ‘t Hart. The book is being handed out to members of participating libraries and has an extra campaign circulation of 500,000 copies.

App is an enrichment of book and campaign

For the first time, the organizing CPNB uses a mobile app to promote the campaign. “We were looking for a fun and light way to promote the book which itself is rather serious,” says Aafke Komen of the CPNB. “So we came up with the idea of Maarten’s Bird Machine, a mobile app that produces the sound of all birds that appear in the book. You´ll see the corresponding book phrases directly on your smartphone screen.” The app also gives information about the campaign and features a video documentary about the writer.  “We’re very happy with the result,” Aafke says. “The app is visually attractive and very user-friendly. It’s a good marketing tool as well. The app really is an enrichment of the book and our marketing campaign.

Unique feature: live in app video

The app Maartens Bird Machine contains an unique feature: it streams live video. “In cooperation with app maker Change Making Media, we’ll be broadcasting two live streams,” Aafke explains, “an interactive talkshow with students on November 26th  and the closing party including an interview with the writer on November 29th. Anyone can watch the live streams on the websites of the participating libraries and even in our mobile app via the yellow live stream button. So, with the app we are reaching a far wider audience than just the readers of the book and the party goers. The app is free available in the app stores.”

 “This will attract more viewers”

The app was made by Gerard Weemhoff of Change Making Media. He is specialized in the production and distribution of live Web TV in mobile apps. “AppMachine’s Ustream building block lets you easily add live video to your app. That’s a unique opportunity. We surely see more and more live streams on the web, but live video streams in a mobile app? That probably is the next big thing in the future of video. It’s a great way to present professional video content in a relevant context, on the smartphone of your users. You can even announce your live show with a push notification. I´m sure this will attract more viewers.”

Download Maarten Bird Machine: