How To Make Money With My App

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 27 May 2014

Would you like to make money with your app? Raise your ROI? Generate an extra source of income? There are four ways to do so.

1. Sell products in your app

Not many app builders are aware of the possibility to sell products in an app. And it is so easy. Especially regular customers will appreciate the superior usability of an app to purchase their goods.

How easy is selling products? Just add a Products building block to your app and place your products there. Customers will see what you have to offer including photos of all the products.

Of course you can link these products to your webshop, but why not sell directly from within the app?  Add the Checkout block and the shopping cart appears automatically in your Product list. Payment will be done by credit card or PayPal. App owners only need a PayPal account to start using this functionality.  If you have a lot of products, you could import products by using Excel or a web service. The app will load all the data automatically. You can design your screen in any way you want.

2. Sell advertising space in your app

Your app is a communication medium that is perfectly fitted for advertising. You can sell pages in the app. Europe’s largest carp fishing exhibition Carp Zwolle is a good practice of how these ads can work. Exhibitors bought advertising space in the app to get extra attention from attendees. They presented special offers in the app and app users could only get the products at the exhibit booth. The more attractive the deal, the more visitors they attracted. This is a good example how exhibitions can profit from a mobile app and how you can make money and earn your initial app investment back by selling advertising space.

Many tourism apps are doing the same. They charge restaurants or shops to be listed in the app. You can also set various rates for different enlistings.

3. Join an advertising platform

You could make your app available for third party advertisements by joining an advertising platform. AppMachine  is currently integrating a few of the most important ad platforms. These ads will appear on the upper or lower part of the screen. Product lists can show ads after every tenth product. You’ll get a fee for the number of times an ad is displayed or for the number of taps on the ad in your app.

4. Let users pay for your app

The best known way to make money with an app is to let users pay for your app. It’s quite common to put a paid version in the app stores and you have endless possibilities as long as you make sure your app is interesting enough. Create some stunning content and users are willing to pay. Is someone buying cookbooks regularly? Then he or she won’t mind paying for a good app with sophisticated recipes, a shopping list and clarifying ‘how to’ instruction video’s.

We hope you now understand how to monetize your apps and how you can earn your investment back. You are free to choose any of these four ways or to combine them. You could make an interesting paid app, sell products with it and also have some advertisements. Do keep your users in mind, though. If the app is not interesting for them, it’s not interesting for advertisers either.