Making Your Own Apps Is More Fun Than Ever

App Building Fleur 4 Mar 2013

The launch of AppMachine has put the mobile world upside down. AppMachine is worldwide the first platform which allows user to make professional native apps for Android and iOS. This article was published during the launch of AppMachine at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2013. It describes the enthusiasm en amazement of our first users.

Are you a first time visitor to our website? Our Tour page can give you a preview of all our features. Or keep reading this article about the reactions shortly after our launch at MWC´13.

WordPress for apps.” “A world-class invention!” Just two reactions that we’ve heard here in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2013.  “Super-beautiful and so easy. Worthy of Apple.” The beta version users are also full of praise. It’s almost enough to make us blush.

We would imagine that the British organizer of Apps World Europe 2013 has more or less seen it all. But even he was at a loss for words after watching AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra’s demonstration: “Wow, Woww! Really? This… is… really… really… WOW!” Making your own apps for iOS and Android — without having to program — is turning out to be more fun, more impressive, and easier than ever.

Many Testers Want It Now

The beta version has only just become available — on February 21 to be exact. We sent out our first email invitation to test the beta version at 2:16 am, European time. Since then (one week later) users have built more than a thousand apps for free — just to be able to test them. But, only to test them? A considerable number of these people have been so happy with the result that they wanted to buy their apps immediately. For those of you who don’t know, yet — with AppMachine, you can create your app for free. You only pay when you’re ready to publish it in the app stores. In 2 weeks you can publish your AppMachine app in the app stores.

Our Support team Is Ready and Able

People are hard at work (or at play) on the beta version and we’re hearing lots of responses from our testers. We’ve been pretty curious to hear what they had to say. Would they find bugs in the system? What did we miss? Well, the problems are turning out to be extremely small, and our supportdesk is able to solve them right away. In the first few days we had 193 questions, 183 of which were answered really fast. This week the next 10.000 beta testers will be invited to build their own apps.

What Do Beta Testers Think?

We’ve collected a few reactions:

It’s truly intuitive. Great that you can look at it immediately on your phone.

AppMachine is sleek. It was really easy to build an app based on an existing website.

Love your AppMachine. Will read up on from when I can offer apps to my clients!

Thanks for the really good support. Have to say that this is the fastest support I know out there so far. :)

I’m going to find this software really interesting

First, my compliments go to AppMachine. They make it so easy for so many to put together something really nice.

Quite impressed so far in the half hour or so that I played around with it. :)

So far, AppMachine is terrific!

I’ve been playing with it for about 15 minutes and I’m already enthusiastic. We’re definitely going to be using this!

Guys, first of all, looking great! Absolutely stunning!

It’s practically error-free!

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