Why Mobile Is Taking Over The Business

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News Liz Bollema 14 Oct 2014

Mobile search, mobile purchase, mobile payment, mobile booking, mobile dating. You name it and it turns mobile. Don’t miss out on the biggest tech revolution since the start of internet and mobilize your business now.

Mobile is not just booming, it’s taking over the business – any business and every business. How do companies communicate with customers? Through social media apps on their smartphones. How do sales teams access their client data? With enterprise apps on tablet or smartphones. Where does the surgeon look for medical information? There’s an app for that. Mobile will be the number one means of communication within a year and possibly sooner. The smartphone has become a vital part of our daily life.

For consumers, mobile replaces desktop

  • Mobile accounts for 51% of all time spent online.
  • They can account for 64% of time spent online.
  • Number of smartphone visits are nearly 2x those of desktop.
  • Smartphone use increases, on the go and in the house.
  • A purchase decision? 60% Uses mobile exclusively.

Sources: Forbes Magazine and The Mobile Path to Purchase

How to adapt to the mobile revolution?

How do you adapt to this mobile revolution? Just a responsive website won´t do. You might need one to show up in Google´s SERP, but a responsive website is just about resizing. That alone will not live up to the consumer expectation. Smartphone users are demanding a smooth user experience and mobile apps are the way to go.

Are you a SME company? Then you should consider having your own mobile app to fulfill the need of your customers. Recent studies show that 60% of US consumers are using mobile exclusively to make their purchase decision and 70% makes a purchase with a tablet each week.
Building your own app is easy and does not cost nearly as much as years ago; mobile apps are now affordable for any company. See our SME apps example page for SME companies that already have mobile apps. You can even have a customer loyalty program in your mobile app to strengthen your brand loyalty. Of course you can always ask one of our resellers to build an app for you.

Are you a web designer or app developer? Be be part of the mobile revolution by starting your mobile apps business today. The skyrocketing use of mobile delivers a great demand for mobile apps with a good user interface and a pleasant user experience. Developing these mobile apps has never been this easy. AppMachine is one of the most professional and easy to use mobile app platforms. Sign up for free and create visually stunning apps for every business or occasion.

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What kind of apps? Any apps you like

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