Mobile World Congress proves it: We’ve put ourselves on the global map!

AppMachine News Fleur 28 Feb 2013

Since last Sunday Barcelona has been the place to be for anyone who has anything to do with the mobile world. That’s because Barcelona has been hosting the Mobile World Congress 2013, the world’s largest event for mobiles. And certainly AppMachine is among those enjoying this gigantic mobile party!

Big, bigger, biggest

That’s the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2013. Ninety thousand visitors from more than 100 countries have travelled to Barcelona, for the only thing that counts here: mobile. Because mobile is booming! This is also apparent from the massive visitor numbers, the attention being paid by the media and the enormous stands in the expo. Like Huawei, the world’s biggest telecoms company. They’re on hand with a stand of 5,000 (!) square meters, making them far and away the largest. The smallest stand is in fact six square metres. And ours? On 36 square metres we are showing visitors what you can create with our mobile software.

AppMachine the shining center of attention

We are, and we’re actually pretty proud of it, somewhat the shining centre of attention at the MWC. We even won the Laptop Magazine Award for ‘Best Mobile Software’! Fortunately it appeals to people that our software lets you create a professional and gorgeous app quickly.

A few interesting MWC facts:

  • We are now known in more than 83 countries!
  • Day 1: two registrations for the beta every minute!
  • Day 2: three registrations for the beta every minute!
  • Day 3: more than 850 tweets about AppMachine!
  • More than 1,463 people have already built an app free with the beta. Of these a fifth want to buy the beta version of the app immediately.
  • There are already more then 10,000 people on the beta list.
  • We have now been able to receive more than 2,500 visitors on our stand.
  • Some 230 people are active non-stop on the site daily.
  • The peak of the Twitter Reach was 2.2 million people.
  • We have around 2,900 Facebook fans!
  • The world is beginning to recognize us! Do you want to be part of it? Then register for the beta. And tell us what you think of it! That will enable us to optimize the app CMS even further, to let you create the very finest apps!

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