New Features And Improvements

AppMachine News, New Features Jerry Lieveld 11 Apr 2016

Explore the new features and major enhancements of the AppMachine April update: new advertising possibilities and lots of other stuff that makes your app life a lot smoother.

In the App Designer you now see the technical name of a building block on mouse hover. This helps when you link to the block from another block. Most app builders give building blocks a custom name and tend to forget what kind of block it is. You mostly rename the Information block to something like `Our Company`. Now you see the technical name in the glance of an eye.

Add to cart button in list view

Are you selling products with you app? Your customers can now add a product directly to their cart from the product list. They no longer need to tap further for product details to buy it. It’s a minor improvement that could help increase your sales since customers can continue shopping. This is not switched on by default, so enable this in the Designer. Be aware that your app needs a store update if you use this feature.

New advertising feature

The top images in your app now can have a link to an external website. You could replace any top image with an advertisement and link that image to the advertiser’s landing page. This is a chance to monetize your app more easily!
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YouTube Pagination

Pagination has been added to all YouTube blocks. This allows the user to see more than 50 videos. It will load more videos when scrolled to the bottom of the list.

Search in data tables

In some of our blocks we use a grid to store the data (e.g. Users, Blog or our Pro blocks.) We expanded the search feature so it will search in the complete database of that block. In the previous version it could only search in the current tab selected.

More improvements and fixes

There are a lot more improvements and bug fixes for the designer, reseller cms and in the apps, such as more languages in the blog and coupon block and a warning if you almost exceed the maximum amount of building blocks.
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