New Features, New Functionalities

AppMachine News Liz Bollema 23 Jan 2017

We are happy to announce awesome new features, new functionalities and 9 new and stylish icon sets.

Let us tell you about some key changes and read all release notes here.

The Loyalty Card

The improved version of our Loyalty Card block contains a number of new features that give app owners a better insight into user data such as customer transactions.
In our Designer and the white label CMS, an improved user table has been added to make interpretation of app user data concerning the Loyalty Card much more comprehensive and easier.

Privacy & Permissions

In this release we focused on App security. Required app permissions are now tied to the content of your app instead of the overal platform functionality.


New Push additions – send push to groups and users registered outside of AppMachine.
Push notifications can now be sent based on a device token. This means push notifications can be targeted to a specific user’s device(s).
Push notifications can now be sent to user groups.


Part 1 ( Sending a push notification to an individual user )

Part 2 (Sending a push notification to a group of users )



We updated 9 new icon sets, solid and line… go ahead and pimp your app!
Want to know all about the design changes? Read them here >

There is more!

Much more. Like updated simulators, new currencies are added to the checkout block, PDF files within the app are now shareable and are better readable on iPad.

release notes