New new new! Time to monetize and add User Groups

AppMachine News Jerry Lieveld 30 Mar 2017

New, new, new and wow! Do we sound excited? We do with good reasons cause there are lots of new features for your apps.

Monetize with AdMob integration

Finally it’s time to monetize your app with our new AdMob feature. AdMob, Google’s advertising program for Android and iOS apps, is your chance to earn money without having to do a whole lot. Just sign in, make some decisions regarding advertisement spots in your app and the quantity of ads and voila, you’ll bring in the bucks with in-app advertising.

You can even exclude ads to make sure the shown advertisements fit your users interest as good as possible.

For whom is AMob? Mainly for app owners with many app users. The more users you have, the better it gets for you! Just give it a try. We’ll tell you all about Admob in this article  Bring in Those Advertising Bucks With The New AdMob Integration and which steps to take in this support article.


User Groups: make it a role-play!

Define your own user groups. It´s a new feature that makes your app a more personal experience. Create user groups such as Managers, Sales Team, Representatives, Mechanics. Or groups like Teachers, Students, Parents or even different classes. Think of Bronze, Silver and Gold members of your app.

Whatever roles you need, choose or have, it now is possible for all your apps with the new User Groups feature. Grant special access to people with a certain role. It makes your app life so much easier and your app a versatile communication channel.

user groups

Get the role playing started right now, or after you have read our article about the new feature User Groups.

How does it work? Check our support article!

New icons and app designs

How many? Almost 600! We have added close to 600 new items to our design department. SIX HUNDRED! How cool is that?

There are new icons for animals, nature, weather, more school icons and even a whole set for real estate.  And to go with these icon sets, we have made 4 new skins as well.

new icons app

What are you waiting for? Start building a new app or update your current app with these new features.

Want to know what else is new, what bugs we fixed or features we expanded? How to create a new date and time picker with a sliding menu? Check the release notes!