New Push Messages: Geo-based and by Category

App Building, New Features Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Improve your app and your interaction with users with two new ways of sending push notifications: 1. geo-based push messages and 2. push messages by category.

1. Geo-based push messages

You can now send a push message to your app users in a specified country, region or place. These geo-based push messages enable you to enhance your marketing and communication with your app.

The benefits of geo-based push messages

Surprise visitors of a town, meeting or event with a special offer only they will receive. Or send out a push message to attendees when there is a last minute change in the program. Or send anyone in the area a message that your special sales is about to start right now. Offer a free coffee for anyone that stops by in your shop, it’s all up to you.

By using geo-based push messages you make sure your messages reach the right audience and don’t annoy other users.

Read the instructions how to send geo-based push notifications

Did you know you can also send push messages with your phone from within the app? This only applies to regular push messages. Sending geo-based push messages from within the app is not (yet) possible.

2. Push messages by Category

Make specific categories of push notifications to which users can subscribe. If you have an event app, users may subscribe to the categories Agenda, Workshops, Breaking News and Event Special Offers. Or unsubscribe from the category they don’t want to receive. If you have a restaurant app, guests can decide they only want to receive the categories Special Opening Hours and Monthly Menu.

By creating categories you just make sure your messages are always right on the target! As always, it’s dead easy to use these category messages in our app CMS.

Push messages by category

In the app, users can simply subscribe or unsubscribe to categories by tapping on the information icon on the right corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’


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