New Skins To Spice Up Your App Design

App Design Jerry Lieveld 8 Jun 2016

Now available for all app builders: 8 brand new skins to spice up your app design. All new skins follow  the 2016 trends in app design, from Pantone’s colors of the year to the serene interfaces for maximum usability.

We asked our designers to create some new skins with smooth navigation and a clean intuitive interface. Skins that also stand out visually and that impress your app users. This is what they came up with. What do you think? Mission completed?

new skins

App design should accentuate usability

In 2016, app design should accentuate usability since app users tend to have less patience every year. How to use an app should be clear at the very first sight. With these new skins you are sure your app design is up to date and meets all requirements of the modern app user. The skins are free to use in our Designer and can be changed anyway you want.

New skin for an existing app?

Do you want to use one of the new skins for an existing app? Read our article How To Redesign An App first. It can be quite tricky to change your app design so follow our instructions carefully. If you want to change your skin, it might be wise to test the skin in a new or copied app first.

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