App of the month: Palestine On A Plate

Get Inspired, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

A Tribute To Food And Family

Joudie Kalla is a Palestinian chef that takes olden day cooking to a new and modern dimension. No surprise her recipes are also presented in the most modern way: The Palestine on a Plate app serves over 50 appetizing Palestinian recipes, from Pomegranate Prawns to Pumpkin Mutabbal, right on your smartphone.

Pass the recipes to the next generations

The Palestine on a Plate app is a journey through a personal and culinary history with Joudie Kalla´s Palestinian version of old recipes from the Middle East. “Most recipes have been passed down to me through several generations,” Joudie says.

“It’s the food I remember from my grandmother, my aunties and my mother. Most recipes were in the head of my mother and I wanted to pass these recipes to the next generations and make them available for anyone. The app is my tribute to Middle Eastern food and a tribute to my family.”


For the app Joudie has adapted over 50 old recipes to modern times, especially the time it takes to cook. “Our food, as I remember, took my mother and relatives hours if not days to prepare,” Joudie says. “Most of my recipes are less time consuming and less fussy to make, so you can easily use my app for your everyday cooking.”

“All the recipes always at their fingertips”

The app, with heavenly food photography, certainly satisfies a need.I’ve been asked by many people so many times for a recipe of something or another that they really want to eat a dish that reminds them of their home or mother, but that they themselves don’t know how to make. Now they always have all these recipes always at their fingertips.”

App Building

The app was made by, a London based mobile app development agency specialized in creating apps for companies in the travel, leisure and entertainment sectors. HeyConnect used AppMachine to build the app “because of AppMachine’s ease of use, its broad platform coverage and the smoothness of AppMachine´s native apps. The AppMachine dashboard was fairly simple to understand and use for building the various sections of our app, ” a spokesperson says. “AppMachine will certainly be one of our top choices for the future.”

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