Pop Music Award Selects Winner With Smartphone App

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 10 Apr 2014

The Great Award of the Bollenstreek is the pop music award of the Dutch Rine, Dune and Bulb region, located in the west of Holland and well known for its cultivation of flower bulbs. During the Award people in the audience can vote for their favorite band or artist by using a smartphone app with voting functionality.

Every year dozens of bands and artists battle at various locations in the region for the first price of the pop music award of the Bollenstreek. Competition is fierce and fans will do anything to help their favorite win. “The Award does have a professional jury, but the vote of the audience counts heavily,” says organizer Merijn de Buisonjé, who has build the app. “Voting is a great way to get the audience more involved. We always used to vote with paper, but that was asking for voting fraud. We were planning to have a smartphone app developed and when we found out that AppMachine offered a voting functionality in an app, the choice was easy. It also helped that AppMachine was the cheapest way to make an app by far.”

Some Fans Just Got Too Involved

Did  the app have the desired effect? Has the audience gotten more involved and has voting become fair? “Partly, ” says Merijn. “The app has been used massively  for voting. We saw a lot of people in the crowd tapping and swiping their smartphones. So we don’t have to worry about commitment. But some fans just got too involved. They found a way to vote several times for the same artist, even with our new app voting. We’re working with AppMachine to prevent this for the next edition of our award.”

One update will do the job

The app that has been introduced for last year’s edition will have a fraud free voting system and a brand new design for the 2014 edition. “We’ve just changed our house style,” says Merijn. “Luckily it’s quite simple to change the app’s design by using the AppMachine CMS. We don’t have to rebuild it completely. One update does the job.”

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