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App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 2 Mar 2017

Apple offers a new way to promote your app in the Apple App Store: Search Ads. Create your own advertising campaign and get noticed by the millions.

App Store Advertising (ASA) is an extra tool to get more attention and downloads for your app. It’s not about showing up in organic search results, it’s about paid advertising campaigns in the app stores.

Google introduced mobile app advertising campaigns for the Play Store in 2015 in AdWords, but Apple just recently launched its Search Ads for the App Store.

What advertising will bring you

What will advertising in the app stores bring you? Well, millions of people visit the app stores daily to search for a new app. In fact, over 65 percent of downloads come directly from a search in the App Store. Sure, if you have a limited audience for your app, you may prefer other marketing channels, but if your app services a broad audience, the store is your main sales channel.

How to use Search Ads?

Apple has made advertising quite friendly. You simply choose your app to promote, set up a budget, define your keywords and Search Ads automatically creates your advertisement. If there is a relevant keyword match, your advertisement shows up on top of the search results in the App Store.

The advertisements stands out in the search list with a contrasting blue background and an ad icon so users clearly see it’s an ad.

No minimum budget

You will get charged when a user taps your ad, but you define the maximum cost per tap so you keep control over your expenses. There is no minimum budget and Apple even offers you a $100 free credit for a limited time.

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ideo Credit: Apple 

Experiment with advanced features

Go to search ads and create your campaign. Experiment and test with more advanced features like different audiences. You may target device types (iPad or iPhone), location, gender or age groups (18-24, 24-35 et cetera). So if you have a food delivery service you might opt for just your location and certain age groups.

Once your campaign is running, it’s easy to track the performance of your ads such as the number of taps, the tap-through-rate and how many downloads you got from the ad.


photo credit: applePhoto credit: Apple 

ASA only after ASO

Keep in mind that App Store Advertising only makes sense when you optimize your app first with App Store Optimization. Apple uses your metadata to define your ads’ relevance. And in fact, relevance has priority over price. This means you must optimize you app for search results in the stores. When Apple does not see relevance in your metadata, your add won’t show, no matter how big your budget is.

Make sure your app description is relevant and choose the right keywords. And read our recent blog about App Store Optimization to optimize your app for both app stores.

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