Publishing apps is now even easier

App Building Jerry Lieveld 28 Jan 2014

Publishing your app is now even easier with our new Publish dashboard. Your app will be ready for the app stores in just a few steps.

To make your app ready to publish, you have to add all the information Google Play and the Apple App Store need. They’ll be asking for splash screens, screenshots, an app icon and a description of your app. The Publish Dashboard will guide you through the process of publishing apps. This article is a preview of what to expect.

App Vitals

First go to and choose Publish on the lower left side. Give it a try, it does not mean you have to pay instantly. In the App Vitals box, add an icon for your app. That is the small square image that is shown on the homescreen of your phone. Here are some tips to design a great app icon.

Then choose a Splashscreen. That´s the screen users will see while the app is loading. It’s not a screen from the app itself. Make a nice design for your splash screen, it in the same style as your app, mention the name of your app or the logo from the artist/company the app is for. Upload the splashscreen in 2 formats: one for iPhone4/Android and one for iPhone 5 devices. 

App Store and Google Play

You´ll need to fill out the forms for the Apple App Store and Google Play. That is, if you want to publish in both stores. Your app only for Apple? Just skip the Google Play tab. There’s plenty of support while filling out the forms.
You need to decide what the Springboard title of your app will be. That is the short text beneath your app icon on the homescreen of the smartphone. Please keep it small since long names are not displayed properly.


This is also the place where you’re asked to upload 4 screenshots of your app. Choose the 4 nicest screens of your app. They’ll sell your app in the stores. If you don’t have access to an iPhone4, iPhone5 or Android, just upload the screenshots from the devices you have: we’ll do the other ones for you.

Information in app

Give all the info the Publish Dashboard asks for, like the website of the app builder and text for automatically sharing the app through Social Media. We told you we made it easy!


Are you using Twitter and Facebook in your app? And you don’t want people to see you’re app is made with AppMachine? Then get a Twitter API key and create a Facebook app. The Dashboard tells you how to get this.

That’s all folks. Now you can pay for your app and have it in the stores very soon!