Powerful Marketing With Push Messages

App Building, Get Inspired, New Features Jerry Lieveld 29 Nov 2013

AppMachine lets you personalize your app with push messages. Users of your app will directly see your messages on their screen. This makes push messages a powerful instrument in your marketing mix, allowing you to inform loyal customers about promotions, special offers or breaking news.

For instance, Clublife magazine sent the users of its app a push message to announce the DJ who had made it to the top of the DJ Mag top 100. Restaurants can send regular customers a message with a targeted offer: “Fancy eating at our place tomorrow? Every second guest will receive a 20% discount!” This is a great way to get a full house on a quiet evening.

What makes push messages so powerful?

Push messages represent a form of micro marketing that allows you to directly approach users of your app via their smartphones — something they check several times a day. This means you don’t have to wait until your customers read their email or decide to visit your website.

  • Immediately displayed on smartphone screens, even if the app has not been launched;
  • High attention value;
  • Possibility to schedule the time push messages are sent;
  • Micro marketing with targeted promotions;
  • Directs users to additional information in the app.

Do bear in mind that push messages are directly visible on the users’ screen. So use them sparingly and limit their use to really important occasions. The last thing you want is to annoy your users, who may be tempted to disable the reception of push messages or even remove your app from their smartphones.

Composing a push message

composing a push message

A push message can have a maximum of 95 characters. Would you like to say more? In that case you can ensure a screen with additional information pops up in the app when the push message is opened:

  • In case of a targeted promotion you can immediately direct users to your product page.
  • You can also send a push message to announce an event. When users open your message, they will be immediately directed to the calendar, route planner or any part of the app you like.

You can decide when push messages are sent. Would you like to send festival goers a message 15 minutes before it starts? Just add them to the schedule and AppMachine will take care of the rest. You can send push messages to iPhone users and Android users separately.

Examples of push messages

Examples of push messages

DJ Ferry Corsten uses push messages to let his fans know they can vote for the ‘favorite track of the week’. This allows them to contribute to the compilation of his playlist for his weekly radio show. In the app, users can choose their favorite from a selection of ten tracks.

Earlier this year, technology and design blog Bright organized a Bright Day Event featuring a slew of interesting speakers, numerous demos and workshops where you could test new gadgets such as Google Glass and Leap Motion. Using AppMachine, Bright developed an app especially for the event. It used push messages to draw the users’ attention to the start of lectures and workshops. All these messages were scheduled in advance according to a tight schedule.

During the Mobile Summit in Mexico, the main conclusions of the sessions were shared via push messages with people who could not make it to the conference.

You can use unlimited push messages in your app for free. Users can even keep the last 10 messages for later reading.

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