School App: The All In One Solution

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 2 May 2016

Is your school sending out information through various channels? And is it still hard to reach students, parents and staff with a concise and clear approach? A school app is the all in one solution for modern mobile communication.

How does the typical school communicate? Emails to students, mails to teachers, flyers, notes to parents, a website, a Facebook page, links to YouTube video’s, the good old handout… That’s a bit too much omni-channel, right? Discover how a school app combines all your efforts and streamlines you communication.

Best mobile experience for the mobile only generation

A school app contains all information you normally would store on a website, but now with the great smartphone user experience that apps offer. Apps even work without an internet connection.

Most students are part of the mobile only generation and rely heavily on their smartphone to communicate and to absorb information. If you’re not on their smartphone, you just don’t exist. The school website? At best it’s mobile friendly, but most school websites are out of date and hardly readable on mobile devices.

A school app is designed to function perfectly on mobile phones. Apps also offer interaction and direct communication with several groups (students, parents, staff) in a number of ways.

How a school app streamlines communication

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All basic school information can be clearly presented in a school app: schedules, holidays, special hours, house rules, and even what food is on the menu today. Any change in your information reaches all your app users directly. You just change the information in the app CMS and it will be streamed to all smartphones.

A school app takes your communication and interaction to the next level. It’s not just updating your info; apps are pushing the information to the right audience with push messages. Schools can send push messages by location and by category so you just send your message to the audience it applies to. Is teacher Johnson ill again and can ‘t come to class? Send his groups 1 en 3 a push message that they’re off for the Johnson hours. A category can be anything you want: all students, a class, just the teachers.

Further benefits of a school app

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School apps have several benefits that make them the best multi tool in modern communication. Do student have to go to different locations? Just add a map and the interactive navigation will show the way.

Easily include pdf’s
How many pdf’s do you distribute amongst teachers and students? Easily add pdf’s to the school app and have them all in one place. Or organize all pdf’s for specific audiences.

Lock block
In a school app, almost all information or features can be locked and unlocked by a password or even by QR code or GPS location. Some documents, phone numbers or addresses are only accessible for staff and teachers, so a password protects that information. Unlock photo’s and video’s of a school trip just for Group A and their parents.

Include video in your school app: add your own video, include YouTube channels, Vimeo or even streaming Ustream video.

Apps offer various custom forms. Apply for an exam or extracurricular activity? Just add a form to your app. App users can even send photo’s with their smartphone to a specified email address. “Could you send us a copy of your ID?” Just two taps on the screen and you’re done!

Social media
Facebook and Twitter are integrated in the school app. These social media features will be designed in the school´s own style and colors and come without the competition of other posts and tweets.

Build your own school app. Give it a go, building apps is free, you only pay when you publish your app.