Sell More Products With Improved Checkout Block

App Building, New Features Jerry Lieveld 11 Dec 2015

Selling in-app products becomes more successful as the improved Checkout block lets customers choose how to pay and when to receive their purchase or food order.

If you are a small shop owner, restaurant or large department store, it pretty easy to sell products with an AppMachine app. Just take a product building block or import your product list from Excel. Add the Checkout block and your app is ready to sell.  Set up a savings program, use coupons and customers retention is almost guaranteed. The new Checkout block makes ordering in-app products even easier.

What does the manual payment method add?

Until recently the checkout for our in-app purchases was PayPal and credit card only. Not good enough, right? We know, cause you let us know! So we developed a manual payment method. Let customers choose one of your options to pay. And let them choose if they want to pick up their purchase or have it delivered at their home or office.

New features of the Checkout block

  • Your own payment method
  • Choose ‘deliver’ or ‘pick up’
  • User login to save delivery address
  • Offer various dates and time for ‘pick up’
  • Multi-language options
  • Confirmation emails

We’re working on more features to further improve the Checkout block:

  • Offer various locations for ‘pick up’ with opening hours
  • Purchase directly from a list (no need to tap on product details)

In-app sales?

If you’re not offering in-app sales, this is the time to start since in-app sales are becoming increasingly important. Mobile apps are about to dominate online sales. Frequent buyers and loyal customers prefer to use a company’s app to purchase products because apps are way faster and user friendly than websites.

AppMachine’s new manual payment method makes in-app purchases even more convenient with bigger chances of higher sales.

“Do you think you could go to the deli to pick up the wine, darling?”
“I’m afraid not, but here’s their app. Let’s order and have it delivered.”

The new Checkout block also fits the need of many restaurants:

“How about Thai food tonight? Look, they have a new menu.”
“I´ll just have good old Tom Yum Goong. Make sure it’s ready at 19.00.”

How to get the improved Checkout block?

App owners go to their app design page, choose manual payment method and add the requested information.This is were you offer your clients how to pay and whether it’s pick up or delivery.

The Checkout block is a beta feature, available in all Plus and Pro apps. Please feel free to test and give your feedback. Something missing? What should we add or improve?

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