Send Push Messages To Groups You Define

App Building, New Features Jerry Lieveld 30 Jan 2017

Users regularly ask us to add features and we simply cannot grant every request. But ignoring this one was not an option. You massively stalked us! How a small mistake led to a major enhancement in our push messages service…

“You now can send push messages to any group of registered app users.” That was what I wrote in a blogpost about our improved push message service in November last year. Oeps. Not quite correct.

Ok, you could send push messages to groups, but only to users in a certain area or to users that had subscribed to certain groups of push messages: ‘Breaking News’, ‘Sport’, ‘All Students’ or ‘Sales Managers’.

What I incorrectly wrote was that you could define your own random group of users such as: send a push message to app users A, B, F, P and Y. The wish probably was the father to the thought.

Solemnly disappointed

It did not take long to discover my mistake because tons of our app builders cheerfully welcomed this feature….and were solemnly disappointed to find out we promised too much.

We owed you one

Although we rapidly corrected the information in the article, we realized we owed you one. So, due to my mistake and thanks to our ever effective programmers here it is at your request: you can now send push messages to any groups of users you define!


Part 1 ( Sending a push notification to an individual user )

Part 2 (Sending a push notification to a group of users )

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