Showcase: The AppMachine App!

Mobile News niels 12 Jan 2013

If you want to make your own app, then you’ll want to know all about AppMachine. How can AppMachine better show what it’s capable of than by showing you our very own app! The AppMachine app is now available — for free — in Apple’s App Store.

AppMachine’s app guides you through the steps you’ll take as you build your own gorgeous app. AppMachine creates apps using twenty different Building Blocks. They’re built right into the app, so you can see them at work. You can also see the flexibility of AppMachine’s app design. For instance, this showcase app features AppMachine’s own buttons. Thanks to AppMachine’s sophisticated native technology, the app is super-fast. Once your app is published, it’s easy to make adjustments without your having to install a complete update —the app picks up the updates automatically!

AppMachine apps pay considerable attention to flexible design. You can build your app using our templates, standard color schemes, and standard icons. Or you can use AppMachine’s Designer version to add the greatest detail and design your app just the way you want it.

If you want to use AppMachine to make your own app, you’ll have all these features at your fingertips. Want to know more about everything AppMachine can do? Install the AppMachine app now! You can also use it to follow AppMachine’s latest news. Download the AppMachine Showcase app for iPhone here. The Android version will follow soon.