Simple but Unique: App as Part of Company Strategy

App Building, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 23 Jun 2014

If you used to be a printing house, you still love paper. But just a book? That won’t do the job these days, according to Van Eck & Oosterink. So the communication agency published an interactive book with QR Codes and a mobile app: ‘Simple but Unique’

Communication agency Van Eck & Oosterink traditionally was a printing house and graphic company. “But times are changing, ” says CEO René van Eck. “Paper is no longer the number 1 information carrier. The provision of information is becoming more and more electronic. When that became clearly noticeable in our portfolio, we decided to change our company to a full service communication agency, including Van Eck & Oosterink webdesign. Building mobile apps has to become a part of our product range, so we first made a showcase app for ourselves: Simpel but Unique, an app in combination with a traditional book.”

Blue Ocean Strategy

The book explains in five clear steps how a company can achieve a successful company strategy according to the Blue Ocean Strategy. That is a well known strategy which focuses on the exploration of new markets. The book also shows some striking strategy examples from local companies. “While reading the book, you can use the corresponding app to scan QR codes that give access to extra information and even special offerings of the local companies,” says René van Eck.

By making the book interactive, Van Eck & Oosterink is applying the Blue Ocean strategy to itself. “The book and the corresponding app will be distributed mainly in our region. Our goal is to explore a new market: building mobile apps for SME companies. We see a great potential in that area. By making our own app, we have proven our capability to build beautiful, professional apps with evident added value. For us, the app is a marketing tool that supports our strategy.”

“Excellent Service by AppMachine”

The app Simple but Unique has been made with AppMachine. “A pleasant and satisfying experience,” says René, who has become AppMachine reseller. “The CMS works great and the service is excellent. I just like to get to someone on the phone when I need information or support. AppMachine meets my needs completely.

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