Six reasons why you need an app right now

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 25 Sep 2013

AppMachine allows anyone to build their own apps, from small and medium-sized companies to advertising agencies and from restaurants to sports associations. So why would you want an app when you already have a brochure and a website? We explain below why it is really convenient to have your own app.

1. Don’t miss out on the smartphone revolution

Don’t miss out on the smartphone revolution

The smartphone is the number one means of communication. People spend more time with their smartphone than with their partner, family or relatives. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Angry Birds, Candy Crush: smartphone screens are used more often than any other medium. This means apps should be an integral part of your communication mix. Apps are especially developed for smartphones and therefore function much better than a mobile website, no matter how responsive.

2. Smartphones are screaming for apps

Smartphones are screaming for apps

A mobile website is a handy tool to improve your findability in Google. Smartphone users still surf the mobile web to find companies. But is offering customers a mobile site still the way to go? First, they have to fire up their browser and enter an URL. Once they have found the site they have to wait until it has fully loaded. Whereas an app lets users get cracking with a single tap. Smartphones are in fact screaming for native apps. You can open them directly and they work like a charm, even offline. They are also much quicker and more dynamic. And building your own native app is no longer expensive or labor-intensive. Thanks to AppMachine, this is a thing of the past. So there’s really no excuse.

3. You are still in time

You are still in time

If you build an app now you should be just in time to ride the wave. Everybody will have their own app in a couple of years, meaning you can no longer set yourself apart. A website, flyers and brochures? Everybody has them, but not everybody has an app. Introducing your app can therefore rekindle interest in your company. Are you building an app using AppMachine? In that case we will offer you promotional tools such as a QR code which allows users to directly download your app to their smartphones. Every app also comes with comprehensive user statistics. You can even integrate these with Google Analytics!

4. Apps foster customer loyalty

Apps foster customer loyalty

Once your customers have installed your app on their smartphones, you will be able to increase their loyalty. How? By sending push messages, offering promotions or letting customers take part in a savings scheme through a digital customer card on their smartphones. AppMachine has developed a special customer card for this purpose. All customers have to do is open the app and have their own unique QR code scanned. The official launch of the AppMachine customer card will take place soon.
An app also offers countless possibilities to engage customers or fans. For instance, the app by DJ Armin van Buuren features music, pictures, videos, tour schedules and podcasts of his radio show, A State Of Trance. Albums and singles can be directly purchased from within the app, while Armin and his fans can stay in touch via Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

5. An additional sales channel

An additional sales channell

An app offers an additional sales channel. You can present products and sell them directly from the app. Do you have a web shop? If you link it to your app, users will always be presented with an up-to-date product offering. DJs like Armin van Buren and Ferry Corsten use their apps to sell their music and concert tickets. Restaurants and hotels offer their guests apps that allow them to conveniently book a table or room. If you send users a push message with promotions or this week’s menu, guests tend to book more quickly.

6. Cheap, simple and beautiful

Cheap, simple and beautiful<

Compared to a website or print advertising, apps are not expensive at all. With AppMachine you can have a fully functional app. You can build the app yourself — that’s precisely what AppMachine was designed for. This is why it is so simple to build apps with AppMachine. That’s not to say the end result is a simple app. You can make your app as advanced as you want — you can use it as a digital brochure or engage in dynamic data linking. Check the movie to see how data linking works. The advantage of apps over print advertising is that you can modify them at any time. As a bonus, your customers will carry your app with them all the time, so they never lose sight of your company.

You can have complete control of the design. Just select one of the many templates and modify them a bit. Or you can have your apps designed by a professional.
Needless to say, if you are an agency you can also build apps for your customers. We even offer a special Reseller Program for this purpose.

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