Smart Interactive: Amazing What You Can Do With AppMachine

Get Inspired, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 14 Jul 2015

From music apps and the real estate market in Miami to Panama’s leading national newspapers: Smart Interactive delivers a broad range of apps and is growing steadily in the US and Latin America. And they even found a niche in modern communication.

Smart Interactive covers a wide range of digital services in Florida, Los Angeles, Argentina, Panama and Puerto Rico, including marketing, design, development and advertising for artists, celebrities, sports and SMBs. The development of mobile apps forms a fast growing proportion of the company’s portfolio.

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Apps for internal communication in real estate

Although the Smart team has the programming and design skills to build tailor-made mobile apps from scratch, the company uses AppMachine´s CMS a lot. “AppMachine is an incredible powerful platform, ” says CEO and founder of Smart Interactive Nicolás Fernandez. “With a little creativity it is amazing what you can do with the blocks provided by AppMachine. A good example is the real estate sector. We recently closed deals with important companies in this sector and have found a niche… there are companies that can use the app to resolve specific issues that can’t be resolved by their intranet management software. Our latest client asked us to build an app to be used as a means of official communication for its more than 4,500 worldwide brokers who sell their projects.”

“We always tell our customers not to be discouraged. They can cancel the subscription if they like without a huge loss of investment.”
-Nicolás Fernandez

CEO Nicolás explains how AppMachine even helps his company to gain a larger market share in the apps business. “We thank our steady growth for a large part to the monthly contract types, the pricing structure and the benefits that AppMachine offers its partners. One example is the possibility of cancelling an app subscription for an app this is not performing as expected. We always tell our customers not to be discouraged. They can cancel the subscription if they like without a huge loss of investment. It’s been a good way to investigate the unlimited opportunities that mobile development presents when communicating and interacting with users.”

Grateful to be able to offer that level of service

“In fact, thanks to AppMachine, we’ve been able to gain the momentum required by this fast-paced market where it’s important to be able to change an app when a customer requires it. We know these changes would take weeks without a CMS like the one provided by AppMachine. We’re very grateful to be able to offer that level of service.”

SMBs are now receptive to mobile apps

The goal of Smart Interactive is to sell 50-100 apps a year, “which should be entirely possible,” says CEO Nicolás. “So many SMBs want to go mobile and they begin to understand that they can add value to their businesses by creating an additional channel of communication in order for them to grow with their customers, fans and followers. A brand maybe has 12,000 followers on Twitter, 45,000 on Instagram and 900 ´Likes´ on Facebook. An app can bring all the different networks together and assembles all the channels of a brand’s digital communication. SMBs weren’t building apps due to the fact that they, in many cases, didn’t understand mobile software development or that they did not want to take risks due to the high costs of making an app. That has changed. SMBs are now receptive for apps and we consider AppMachine a great tool to service these clients.”

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Convince SMBs apps have numerous benefits

According to Nicolás, it has become quite easy to convince SMBs mobile apps have numerous benefits: “An app means navigating a brand in a native environment; an environment that interacts with me and gives me everything I need with a simple tap of my finger. Geolocation information, points on a map, push notifications, information sorted in a friendly way for browsing … there are plenty of advantages an app can offer. It’s cool, it’s hip. ‘Download our app’ is a statement that sells, it positions a brand at a higher level … although a user may not download your app, they’ll see the brand as a modern business that is caught up to the latest trends.”

Tips to become as successful as Smart Interactive

Does Nicolás have tips for other AppMachine resellers or app builders? “What are you waiting for? Join the party! Seriously, we think the combination of excellent design, low prices and monthly payments works best for an app company. The development of an app should be a service outsourced by companies that pay a monthly fee according to the app’s features. Your offer should therefore include unlimited updates, app updates to new smartphones and OS releases, unlimited changes to functionality, access to analytics plus everything AppMachine and your app company have to offer.”