How A Meditation App Can Stimulate The Flow In Your Life

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 6 Oct 2014

Smartphones can be calming and relaxing, and even stimulate the flow in your life. The app Easy Meditation shows that there is a large demand for easy accessible peace and harmony: the app reached the number 11 position in the Dutch iTunes charts.

People are so busy with their smartphones, they hardly take the time to relax. It’s a complaint that can be heard quite often these days. But with the right app, smartphones do help you to relax and even vitalize your life. The Now Meditate app proves it. “Our aim is to help people relax in an easy way and stimulate the flow in their life,” says app developer Evert Heintz who made the app together with Marc van Mourik.

Tap the app to get rid of tension

The app offers several meditations that are being accompanied with spoken word and music to maximize their calming effect. The app user only has to tap the app to get rid of all tensions. Marc, who is a professional composer and sound designer, made the music which supports the spoken meditation texts of vitality coach Evert. “Users can open the app anytime, anywhere to relax and increase their vitality. A mobile app is very accessible and easy way to do so,” explains Marc. “With this meditation app, we hope to contribute to a positive flow in our beautiful world.”

AppMachine is intuitive and inspiring

Heintz and Van Mourik made the app with AppMachine. Did they turn into a positive flow while building it? “Absolutely”, Evert says, “Building an app with AppMachine is intuitive and inspiring. It’s an easy and accessible way to make high quality apps without writing a single line of code.”

The app, which is in Dutch only, has already more than 1,000 users and reached the number 11 position in the weekly Dutch iTunes charts. “We’re proud and grateful that our app has become so widely used in a short period. We hope that our app helps its users to relax and vitalize their daily life, and that they will enjoy the moment.”

Download the app Easy Meditation now.