Stade City App: Best Practices For A City App

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 2 May 2017

If you’ve always wondered what a city app should look like well then, look not further! The Stade City App is your answer. And what a city app it is!

Stade is a city in northern Germany close to its second largest city, Hamburg. It advertises itself as ‘A fresh breeze in the North.’ In 2014 the tourism board and local media company Medienzentrum Stade launched a mobile app to promote the city.

Gorgeous looking city app

The first app from 2014 needed a “fresh breeze” itself after three years and has recently been updated. The result is a gorgeous-looking and high-performing city app, including local advertisements, Excel feeds and connections to web services to keep it all up to date.

App designer Sven Ulrich: “Having used the app for years, so many ideas and improvements came to our mind. And the possibilities of the app building software were expanding rapidly. So we decided to give the app a complete make-over, in app design and in technology as well.”

Stade Frischer Wind Im Norden

Restaurant reviews in the app

The Stade City app is now an interactive brochure packed with useful and real time information such as public transport schedules, daily activities, a city tour through Stade’s old town with QR codes for visitors, interesting sights, shops, hotels, restaurants and even recipes from local chefs.

“And we’ll introduce the possibility to write reviews for hotels and restaurants from within the app,” says Sven. “I have already adjusted AppMachine’s own review system and I’m currently testing it. It works well and will be live in our app soon.”

See our tutorial about making a review system

Stade App Reviews

Web services and Excel

The Stade app uses web services and Excel for its up-to-date data. “In the previous app we just linked to websites,” says designer Sven, “but we are switching to web services now because that gives us so much more control over the lay-out. We use AppMachine’s Pro block ‘Link’ to reuse the same imported data with filters which allows you to use one source with different outputs in the app. A great way to separate activities in sports, children, workshops et cetera.”

Plug-in exports Indesign to web service

The app also includes Stade’s print magazine StaderBrise. “As a print designer I make the magazine in Adobe Indesign,” says designer Sven Ulrich. “We use a plug-in that automatically exports the Indesign articles to our web server. With AppMachine we connect our app to that web server so all articles from the print magazine are also being published in the city app.”

Stade Brise

City app is visitors’ digital toolbox

The Stade City app is the visitors’ digital toolbox that offers all you need to know and although it’s fully packed, the user interface offers an intuitive and easygoing journey through the app.

The city of Stade claims to be ‘a fresh breeze in the north’. Its app design is by all means as fresh and enjoyable as a pleasant breeze can be. How did designer Sven succeed to give the app such a clever look?

“I have become a true fan of AppMachine” – Sven Ulrich

“The app design is a combination of my own drawings, icons from FontAwesome and Adobe CC and lots of help from AppMachine. Their tutorials and demo apps are great and I’d like to especially thank Arjen, Johnny and Albert from support as they never failed to help us. Making such an app with limited programming experience has been a great experience. I have become u true fan of AppMachine!”