Swedish Appsales Is Showcase Of Successful Apps Business

Get Inspired, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 17 Nov 2015

If there’s one showcase of a successful apps business using AppMachine, it’s Appsales. The Swedish company is selling 400 apps a year and is seeking other European resellers to team up with.

Appsales mainly delivers AppMachine Pro apps to the public sector and large companies in the retail and telecom business. “More than 50% of Sweden’s shopping malls use Appsales apps for their internal communications,” says Appsales Managing Director Carsten Sparr. “And we’re expanding to other countries in Europe. In our business clients are no longer asking ‘why do we need an app’, but their question is: ‘how fast can you build us an app’,” Carsten says.Carsten

“AppMachine takes away the headache of developing”

Although Appsales started developing its own app system four years ago, the company now relies on AppMachine to deliver its apps and therefore became AppMachine reseller. “The major benefit of becoming a reseller? AppMachine takes away the headache of developing ourselves,” says Carsten, who visited AppMachine’s headquarters earlier this month.

“At Appsales we’re mainly a design and marketing agency. And although we have built quite a few apps from scratch, we’re not developers. So we were relieved to partner up with one of the world’s best professional app building platforms.  AppMachine delivers a fantastic product and great support. When I first started using AppMachine, I spent 8 hours a day to master the software. And even now I’m still discovering new possibilities.”

Apps as a new communication channel

The majority of apps concerns the streamlining of internal communications. “Apps are a completely new way of communicating and interacting with users,” Carsten says. “Apps are actually replacing other digital channels such as intranet, email and sms. The old channels don’t work anymore and users just love apps.  If you need to see a schedule or a change in your program or meeting place, it is way more convenient to get it all in one tap on your screen.”

Push notifications are the main reason we prefer native apps. The possibility of sending push messages by category and by location helps us to deliver more valuable apps to clients.

Appsales especially values the power of push notifications. “Push notifications are the main reason we prefer native apps over web apps. Push messages are a great way to interact with your users. AppMachine’s recent addition of sending push notifications by category and by location really helps us to deliver more valuable apps to our clients. You can even send a message to individual users of an app. And you can give your sales team access to password protected data in an app. This proves mobile apps are becoming the main and most mature communication channel. The time when companies just were investigating the possibilities and virtues of mobile apps is definitely over. Everyone is aware that apps now are a ‘need to have’.

Appsales’ tips for other resellers

Does Carsten have tips and tricks for other AppMachine resellers? “Focus on your users. Don’t just make apps for clients, but always keep the app users in mind. You build apps for users and try to establish a long term relationship with your clients. Most of our clients are asking for app no 2, 3 and 4 and we sometimes even sell 50 apps to one client.”

“Let’s team up!”

Another tip is to contact Appsales if you are in a market that’s ready to explore. “We’re actually looking for other AppMachine resellers in Europe to cooperate with in some way. Together we could do so much more than just alone. I’d love to team up with other AppMachine resellers to explore new markets outside Sweden. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact us at Appsales!”


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