The Benefits of Apps for SMBs

Get Inspired, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 27 Jul 2015

Why do SMBs need mobile apps? Which benefits does an app bring for small en medium sized businesses? The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue.

SMB customers are switching to mobile apps

The three most important trends for the future? Mobile, mobile and mobile. People almost exclusively use their smartphone to purchase, pay, play, work, learn and communicate. Consumers have switched from desktop to mobile and from browsers to apps. So whether you’re a hotel, restaurant or wellness center, your customer prefers mobile.

  • The average American already spends more than two hours a day on a mobile device and the majority prefers mobile apps over websites. 86% of mobile time goes to apps and only 14% to the browser.
  • In Sweden apps have become the preferred shopping channel of mobile buyers (41% app, 36% browser). Source

More potential for customer loyalty

Mobile apps have more potential for SMBs when it comes to marketing and customer loyalty and, therefore, are a good way to increase revenue.


How do apps increase loyalty and revenue?

The company’s logo or app icon is clearly visible on the smartphone screen so you are only one tap away from interaction and user engagement.
SMBs with mobile apps don’t wait for visitors to come to their website; they interact with their users. Does a website see it when an app user is in the neighborhood? Can a website send that user a Geo based push message with a special offer? Apps can. With an app you can send anyone in a specific area a message that you have a special sales afternoon. Or you could offer guests a free coffee if they stops by in your shop. See how to send geo based push messages

Apps also have the company´s social media in one place, nicely designed in the corporate style, without the competition of other Facebook posts or tweets. You’ll get maximum attention.

Any company, from hairdresser to wellness spa can have an in-app customer loyalty card with an attractive savings program. There is no need for separate cards or stamps. All app owners can set up their own savings program within minutes. Your app is a great way to get more returning visitors or frequent guests. Or offer discount coupons in your app.

Be modern, hip or even sexy… have your own app!

For some companies, it may be modern, hip or even sexy to have an app in the stores, but the term trustworthy will surely ring a bell for anyone. With an AppMachine app you get a professional presence in the three app stores, a special app promotion website and your app will show up in Google´s search. People even appreciate your company more when they use the app.

E-commerce becomes M-commerce

Online shopping will be the domain of mobile mainly in the near future. Mobile apps can process transactions completely including several payment methods and the choice between pickup or delivery. So your small business app will be a great all in one tool for promotion, purchase and pay.

Why do people prefer apps?

People prefer apps over responsive websites because apps are easier to open and the mobile user experience is way better. Apps can have several functions and features: call direct, information, news, sales channel, product videos, direct booking forms, communicate with push notifications, lead visitors with sat navigation to a location (shop, restaurant or event). Apps can also use native phone features such as the camera to scan QR codes or upload photo´s.

Apps present specific information for selected audiences

school apps big

Where a website mostly mentions all, mobile apps can be used to deliver specific information to selected audiences. Apps for schools, colleges or universities can limit their content to student related info such as library opening hours, important announcements or a change in the program. If you have a yoga school, the app can present exercises in a visual attractive way with spoken instructions. You can even unlock certain information in an app for selected users with a authorization level, password, QR code or GPS location.

Google says: the future is apps, so it be

According to Google the future is mobile and apps will be increasingly important. The search engine already started app indexing, even for iOS, and lets users directly install your app from Google Search if they search with a mobile device. This means Google appreciates apps as valuable mobile instruments. This also means Google could be promoting your app to billions of users. App store optimization helps to promote your app in the stores. Read the do’and don’ts of app store optimization

Competitors will have an app

One of these days, your competitor will have an app. And what will the consumer do? Just check his smartphone and have it all in a glance? Or open a browser, search the url, wait for connection and try to find his way in an overwhelming amount of information on a website?

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Apps help SMBs to stay ahead of their competitors. Show the world you are a 2017 business by having an awesome looking app, just a tap away from your (potential) customers. Always be one tap ahead!


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