The Beta is open!

AppMachine News Liz Bollema 10 Apr 2013

In the last six weeks, 19,000 people have started building apps with AppMachine. This ultimate user test has sparked an overwhelming amount of positive reactions and has allowed us to work out a number of bugs and issues. We’re happy to say that we are now ready for the next step in our exciting journey, the open beta!

Enthusiastic users share their experiences

During the beta, AppMachine’s support desk has helped a lot of people start building their apps. We were pleased to see that with almost every support ticket submitted to us came an enormous amount of compliments about the AppMachine platform.

“Keep up the great work!” – Gertjan

“I started trying this AppMachine immediately. It works wonderfully easy and is beautiful. It’s great!” – Doris

“I’ve just started using the awesome appmachine!” – Gaby

Improved Software

We’ve improved and redesigned several aspects of the AppMachine platform during the beta period. We regularly released updates that made our service easier to use.

1. We’ve greatly improved the website scan that occurs when you first start building an app. In the past, scanning a website didn’t always return results. Thanks to our beta testers, we’ve been able to pinpoint a lot of the issues and fix them to optimize the scan function.

2. Many issues related to browser compatibility also came out of this initial beta. Every web developer knows that different browsers work slightly different. You would think that HTML is a universal language, unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. During the beta, we’ve been able to fix a great deal of the “browser terror” issues.

3. We found, after reading your e-mails, that there were several areas in the platform that were not as easy to use as we intended. We immediately answered those questions and made an effort to modify the software and the processes used to create an app to make it clear to the users. Good software is constantly evolving! Everything can always be improved.

4. We filled our Knowledge Base with support documentation and frequently asked questions to serve as a resource for our users.

5. We’ve also improved the Previewer for both the iPhone and Android devices.

The Beta is Open!

“Open” means “open!” Everyone now has access to building great apps when they register with AppMachine.

We’ll also be making the publication of apps available to everyone soon. We get questions everyday from enthusiastic app builders who are eager to publish their apps. If you think your app is ready to grace the screens of millions of Android and iPhone users, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps so that you can publish it as soon as we make that option available. This includes filling out all important information under the “Publish” tab and registering an account with the Apple Developers Program.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to start publishing your apps!

Thank you, Beta Testers!

AppMachine would like to thank all the beta testers that gave feedback and helped us improve the platform during the closed beta. We won’t forget you and you will be hearing from us soon!

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