Bright Day Event app: a skilful example of great app design

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 23 Jun 2013

The coolest gadgets and the best design. That is what blog and magazine Bright covers. It is “always on the lookout for the latest and most inspiring examples of intelligent technology and design”. That’s why an unending stream of inspiring innovations was showcased during the Bright Day Event. The participants were also presented with a handy Bright Day Event app.

The Bright Day Event was organized on May 25, as a follow-up to the bimonthly Bright Night event, which has been a major success since its foundation in 2009. It featured a comprehensive program with many interesting speakers and demos, and visitors had the opportunity to test out new gadgets such as the Google Glass device and Leap Motion.

Thanks to the Bright Day Event app, visitors always had a good overview of the program, ensuring they didn’t miss a demo. The organization also made skilful use of push message functionality. The start of every program component was announced by a push message. Those who could not make it to the event were able to follow everything via the live stream offered by the app.

Build your own app in two days time

The Bright Day app was built using AppMachine within the space of just two days. The latter’s building blocks made it possible to present all tweets containing the #brightday hashtag to the users of the app. The various program components were imported from Excel. This was possible using a building block that forms part of the Developer version of AppMachine. The design was then neatly fine-tuned in accordance with Bright’s house style.

An inspiring example

Incidentally, AppMachine was one of the inspiring examples of intelligence and technique that were showcased during the Bright Day Event. Siebrand Dijkstra, AppMachine’s CEO, gave a live demonstration on how to make an app like that of Bright Day using AppMachine . In the half hour that was allotted to him, he managed to make a lot of progress with the app. View the video of his presentation or download the app to check the app development possibilities that AppMachine has to offer.

Video Preview AppMachine Bright Event App

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