The Municipality of Leeuwarden app combines crowd control with city marketing for Serious Request

AppMachine News, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 16 Dec 2013

The Serious Request event by the Dutch radio station 3FM is coming to your town. This means a busy city center, lots of visitors and dozens of concerts and events. The Leeuwarden! app by the municipality of Leeuwarden combines crowd control with city marketing.

For the Dutch municipality of Leeuwarden, the arrival of Serious Request provided a perfect occasion for the development of a mobile web app. “We were toying with the idea of creating our own app for quite some time”, explains Haike Visscher, marketing and communication consultant at the Municipality of Leeuwarden. “An app is not only a great means for promoting your city, but also a great communication platform. You can communicate very intimately with the audience in your city. Will a concert start soon? Are there any traffic bottlenecks in the city? You can send users a push message advising them to take an alternative route. This is offering visitors a fantastic service on the one hand, while for us it’s a great way of combining city marketing and crowd control.”

A municipality app developed in just three days time

The Leeuwarden! app was created using AppMachine. “Not long before 3FM Serious Request, we decided we needed an app,” comments Haike Visscher. “With this in mind, we tasked two colleagues to spend two full days building an app. We expected it would take some time before an app was ready, but AppMachine made the process incredibly easy and fast … we had the app ready within three days time.”

A full-blown communication platform

The Municipality of Leeuwarden will continue to use the app after the 3FM Serious Request event. “It is a full-blown means of communication platform that is very easy to maintain. Consequently, we intend to make intensive use of the app, both as a promotional tool and as an information provisioning platform. Where are the parking garages located? What times are the trains running? For major events such as Queen’s Day and the Bevrijdingsfestival (Liberation Day Festival), all we need to do is make a few adjustments to transform it into an up-to-date event app.”

What is 3FM Serious Request?

3FM Serious Request is an annual event organized by the Dutch 3FM radio station on behalf of the Red Cross. A week before Christmas, a number of DJs lock themselves up in a Glass House that is set up in a different city each year. They spend the week fasting and hosting radio shows on a 24/7 basis to raise funds for the Red Cross. This year the Glass House is in Leeuwarden, from Wednesday, December 18 through to Tuesday, December 24.

To find out how to get to the Glass House in Leeuwarden or the concerts and events the city is hosting, just download the Leeuwarden! app.

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