Three Steps To Sell Apps To Clients

Get Inspired, Reseller Jerry Lieveld 17 Mar 2016

Making apps is easy, but how to sell apps to clients? It’s just that simple. We can’t promise you’ll be the next mobile app millionaire, but a highly profitable apps business is within reach.

Selling apps to clients means selling custom made apps to businesses: a spa, a restaurant, an event or even a school. Selling paid apps in the app stores is another matter we won’t discuss here.

So you want to sell apps but don´t know where to start? We’ll give you a head start with these three tips:

  1. Focus on a few branches to sell apps
    The strategy is you’ll be offering ready-to-use apps to potential clients. Make them an offer they can’t refuse! We’ll even provide you with tools to convince clients.
    You should focus on a few branches: event apps, restaurant apps, spa apps or apps for internal communication. Focusing on a few branches will maximize your chance of successful app sales: if you won’t sell the app to Client A, it’s a minor effort to change the app for client B. When you do sell the app to Client A, it’s just as easy to sell similar apps to Clients B, C and D. So first choose your branches, let’s say 3 or 4. And then start building your apps.
  1. Start building apps for potential clients
    Making apps is free with AppMachine. There are no initial fees. You just build your apps and only pay when you publish an app in the stores, that is if you sell the app to a client.
    AppMachines ‘Build apps for free’ is a great sales opportunity. Without any investment, but time, you’ll be able to present a fully functional app to your potential clients.
    Now pick your target clients: Spa X, Restaurant Y or Event Z and make ready-to-use apps for them. You’ll be making apps with the AppMachine Designer which automatically loads logos, photos and lots of existing online content. AppMachine’s software to build your apps is easy to master. And it’s free to use. So give it a go. Do you have technical questions about making apps? AppMachine offers extensive support on virtually every topic of app building. There are highly professional demo apps available to impress your clients. You may even adapt these demo apps and present or sell them as your own brand. You’ll find these demo apps in our Designer.
  1. Chase your clients until you sell apps
    Let’s say you’ve built three or four apps for potential clients. Now chase your clients until you sell your apps. If course this may sound simplistic, but selling apps, surprisingly, is an old fashioned sales process . That’s what our most successful resellers have taught us. One of them sells 400 apps a yearSure you could also set up a website that’s search engine optimized  for ‘restaurant apps’ or ‘spa app’, but the best way is to target local business around you. Go visit them, make an appointment, drop a leaflet, show examples apps, advertize, spread the word! And use our previewer to present your ready-to-use app. Name your price, negotiate and you’ll sell at least 7 out of 10 apps, says successful reseller Harry.

Do you think you can sell more than 3 apps? Become a reseller and get lots of benefits, including serious discounts on apps and marketing support!