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App Building, AppMachine News Fleur 11 Dec 2013

Patrick de Laive is an internet entrepreneur who is shaping the future through various innovative start-ups. He is a cofounder of the leading technology blog The Next Web as well as the driving force behind the TNW conferences in Europe, the United States and South America. Every TNW conference has its own app, developed using … AppMachine.

What, in your view, is the secret behind AppMachine?

“AppMachine allows anyone to create a gorgeous native app without the need to enter a single line of code. This renders accessible something that to many people was mumbo-jumbo. AppMachine sets itself apart from similar platforms through three unique selling points. First of all, it offers a rich feature set in terms of design and in-app functionality, while offering the flexibility to go beyond the default ‘building blocks’. Second, the apps created using AppMachine are native apps for both Android and iOS. Finally, the price/quality ratio of apps is very attractive compared to other vendors.”

What is the added value of a TNW Conference app?

“TNW Conferences are meant to bring people together who spend their day following the latest developments in the digital world. The more the world goes online, the more important offline meetings become for doing business. The TNW Conference apps offer our visitors all the information they need, such as the event location, agenda and media, as well as the possibility to connect with other visitors prior to and during the event. In the final instance, people attend events like The Next Web to learn, to get inspired and to do business. The apps make it possible to achieve these objectives. The feedback from users has been very positive. That’s quite an achievement, seeing our audience is rather demanding, if not spoilt!”
Agenda TNW USA

Isn’t it ironic that an event for high-tech talent has an app that was created using a very basic and low-cost application?

“People in our sector simply expect you to have an app. Most events offer an app of their own, but usually these apps are not exhaustive or available for both iOS and Android. So many people wonder how TNW has been able to achieve this. Since we are a small team, we have to use our time as efficiently as possible. AppMachine lets us build apps without the need to free up the time of our developers. We are able to piece the app together just like that — and with great results too. A nice touch is that the app checks upon launch whether any updates are available, which it will automatically download. For instance, we modify the agenda in real-time if we are ahead of schedule or in case speakers change slots. Previously, this required us to change things in various different locations, and getting it right would take up too much time during the event. Now we can modify things in one fell swoop, and the changes are automatically picked up by AppMachine. That is absolutely fantastic.”

Which TNW feature do you personally consider the biggest perk?

“The possibility to connect with other visitors through the app. I expect that in the future this will become a default feature for any business event.”
Attendees TNW USA

So how do you see AppMachine’s future?

“AppMachine is a company that you seldom come across in the Netherlands. Dutch people should be proud of its ambition and products. It’s difficult to predict exactly how the app market will develop itself, and of course this will impact AppMachine’s future. Every company needs a bit of luck, and if it befalls AppMachine, it may very well grow into a world player. They deserve it, that’s for sure.”

What is your tip for the app developers of this world?

“You really don’t have to build everything from scratch. Look at existing solutions that allow you to help your customers faster and more efficiently. Just get cracking with AppMachine for a client or by way of a trial project. You will be surprised by its capabilities and speed.”

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