Travel Apps Are The Way To Customer Retention

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 13 Aug 2015

Deliver your customers the most interesting last minutes city trips and special discounts, right on their smartphone. Pamper them with a state of the art customer service, specially designed for smartphone usage. For most travel agencies mobile apps are the main road to new sales and better customers retention.

Mobile travel apps are becoming the favorite medium of travel agencies, including major companies like Expedia. Agencies are using apps with acceleration to communicate with customers and to sell trips and travels for good reasons. Apps simply increase your opportunities to get in touch with customers, technically and in terms of marketing and sales as well.

Deliver your offer right on screen

How would you inform customers about a smashing last minute city trip? Or a change in the flight schedule? Send an email, hope it passes the spam filter and gets attention amidst of dozens other emails? Or just deliver your offer on the smartphone screen automatically with a personalized push message which cannot be ignored?

Personalized offers only

Don’t fear people find push messages annoying; they have installed your app and appreciate your company. You can even make different categories of push notifications to which users can subscribe in the app to receive personalized offers only. Is a customer just interested in cultural trips to European cities? Don´t send them the latest Disney or SeaWorld deals. Or send your push messages to a geo based audience. Bad weather in India? Just warn customers in the specific area and your push message won’t reach the beaches of South Florida.

push message

Best mobile user experience

There is no business that depends more on online booking than the travel business. People use their smartphone to browse their destination, find hotels, discover places of interest, check the weather and to read about local customs and habits. And of course they want to book online!

80% bails out of a transaction due to bad service

You know almost 80% bails out of a transaction due to bad service? Customers are demanding a good mobile experience and mobile apps, at least the good ones you make with us, live up to that. They offer the best mobile user experience, smooth destination browsing, a simple booking process and direct communication. And all with a tap on the screen.

An app makes you preferred supplier

Another advantage of apps is that customers already see you as preferred supplier. It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one. Once installed on the user’s smartphone, a mobile app skips the difficult and expensive process of reacquiring them via search engine optimization and paid search. With an app you’re always present on the smartphone of your customer and only one tap away.

Customer service

Apps also offer a state of the art customer service. Are there any changes in the arrival or departure schedules? Send your users a push notification. Is the hotel overbooked? Immediately offer alternatives. Are your customers unhappy with the room? Is it dirty or damaged? Your customers can take pictures with your app and send them directly to your office.

Loyalty program for successive purchases

You can even add a customer loyalty program to your app. People love coupons and personal discounts. Customers can use their smartphone to save for discounts on future travels.

People love coupons and discounts

You will always have a clear insight into your customers’ savings, which can be a good start for a personalized marketing strategy. Apps offer a superior user experience and are an excellent way to inform and entice customers to a successive purchase. No wonder app users have proven to convert better.


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