Turbulent Growth in Mobile Apps

Mobile News Fleur 3 Apr 2013

The use of smartphones and apps is growing at a turbulent pace. The number of active smartphones is expected to reach 1.82 billion this year. Users install an average 41 apps on their mobile phones. This means more than 74 billion apps are active. And the turbulent growth in mobile apps has only just begun…

Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. From collecting information to entertainment, payments, socializing and shopping, we use our mobile phones more and more. And we don’t use mobile sites to perform these activities. Predominantly, it’s mobile apps we use for this.

The New Relic site has compiled a variety of statistics on the growth in apps, and has transformed them into a cool infographic. Chances are these figures will surprise you just as much as they did us. Everybody knows the mobile sector is growing, but if we are to believe New Relic, it does so at an extraordinary pace… Here come some statistics:

–       This year 1.82 billion smartphones are in use.
–       Every day 1.3 million Android devices are activated.
–       1.5 million apps are available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
–       The average user has 41 apps and uses at least one app every 6.5 minutes.

The market is far from saturated

Overwhelming statistics, don’t you think? And the market is far from being saturated. It’s time to seize this opportunity by creating a fantastic app right away. Apps are the future. Many apps are in use, and this number is set to rise. This means it is enormously important that you stand out with a user-friendly app with a killer look. Difficult? Not at all. Just try AppMachine. Register for the beta and build your own app for free!


For more information, check out the New Relic site


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