How A Sport App Turns Your Squad Into A Team

Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 13 Jun 2016

A sport app turns every squad into a team. Whether you’re the club’s president, a Pro coach or a soccer mom: here’s what a sport app can do for you.

Communication within a sports club can be scattered, at times. There’s the club website, a Facebook team page, and probably several WhatsApp groups; all of them hard to keep track of and hard to keep up to date. With a sport app for your team or club, you have it all in one place, at a glance, on your smartphone.

Upcoming matches

When do we play? Where? And what time do we leave for away matches? A sport app can organize all this info for you on a mobile screen. Who’s playing? And who’s driving?  Just add the opponent’s location and you’ll even have your satellite navigation ready to go from within your sports app.

AppMachine´s “Point of Interest” (POI) building block lets you add location markers to a map, including any information you like to add such as: the stadium, the opponents’ team colors, address with sat nav included, direct call phone numbers et cetera.


Sport scores in a sport app

To show the league scores in your app, you have three options:

Keep track of the scores yourself with Excel and you import the Excel data in your app. How? Just add the “Excel” Pro block to your app, import your scores and adjust the design to match your app.

If you’re lucky enough to have a REST web service available, you just link your app to that web service which saves you a lot of work since all available data will be updated automatically.

Manually keeping track of scores is possible, but can be time-consuming depending on the number of teams in your league. Whether this option is realistic for your needs depends on the number of teams in a league.


Detailed squad and player info

Use a sport app to show a complete guide to your squad or every individual player. You can show a list of players including tactics, goals and hobbies. Or add a short interview with every player.

For coaches or parents you can add a phone number and email to the players’ list. That makes it easy to get in touch with a single tap. It’s obvious that the general public should not have access to these phone numbers and mail addresses so you should password protect this data. In your app, just use a “Lock” block for the information you want to shield. You can unlock the data with a password, a QR code or even GPS location.

push message

News and categorized push messages

Broadcast your team news to the right audience. Send a push message to draw maximum attention: “Today’s game suspended due to bad weather”. Or “Sensational 3-2 win for squad”

“BREAKING: Today’s game canceled due to bad weather”

To ensure the message reaches the target audience, you can make several categories of push messages users can subscribe to. Only interested in team news of the Boys U11 squad? Unsubscribe to U10, U9 et cetera.

Read more about sending push messages by category

Vote for your MVP

Who will be this seasons’ Most Valuable Player? Let your app users decide! They can vote from within the app. To offer this feature: add a Form block to your app and add a list of players users can select. To vote, just choose a player, tap on “Submit” and you’re done.

Vote now for the Player of the Match

Schedule a push message just minutes after the match to trigger your app users:  “Vote now for the Player of the Match”. Tap the received push message and the app will open on the voting page.

You could even limit voting to app users that attend the match. To do so, protect the voting feature with GPS location, let’s say 1 km or 1 mile around the playing ground. The voting feature is locked by default and can only be unlocked by app users in that area. Similar for the push message: only send a message to app users that are located in the specific area.  Or just send users in the area a password to unlocks the feature.

Read more about sending push messages by location

Video for training or even live streams

Watching the game. Isn’t it  great? There are several options to add video to your app. Show a YouTube Channel with training instructions for your players. Or add your own video featuring the highlights of last week´s match. Just upload your smartphone movies to show the world that amazing goal, dunk or homerun.

Important match or press conference? Stream the live video in your app with Ustream!

Integrate Facebook in your app

Many sport clubs and teams use Facebook, but what if Facebook changes the rules or even disappears? What happens to your data? If you use Facebook, it’s even better to integrate your Facebook community pages in your app. The in-app Facebook page will have the look and feel of your app and will have all regular functions such as likes and comments. You can integrate any Facebook page except personal profile pages.

Sell products in your sport app

From official shirts and socks to fan hoodies: add a shop to your sport app and sell your club products. Setting up an in-app shop is easy: add your gear manually or import a list from Excel. The customer may even choose between pick up or delivery at various times and locations. To add a shop to your app, go to the designer and add the Checkout block.

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