How Does It Work To Update Your App?

App Building Jerry Lieveld 25 Mar 2014

Once your app is available in the stores, it’s time to keep it up to date. Updates are the way to do so. Sometimes it’s your choice to update, sometimes you need to update because of third party changes. How does it work to update your AppMachine app?

Apps being made with AppMachine can have different kinds of updates: an update because you change something in your app, an update to fix a bug, or a necessary update due to third party changes such as at Facebook or Apple. All updates with AppMachine are free and unlimited.

Updates If You Modify Your App

You always can modify your app at You can change content like opening hours, write a new page for your app, add  a new building block, adjust your agenda or present a new employee. This can all be done with the Content tab at Preview your adjustments with the App Previewer. All looking good?  Just press Update Now and al changes will be sent to your users. 

How to update?

  • Make your changes
  • Open the App Previewer
  • Check it, is everything looking good?
  • Open the Publish tab
  • Press the Update Now button.

It’s hard to predict when all your adjustments will be visible in your app. Google Play only needs a couple of hours while the Apple App Store sometimes needs up to 10 days.

Bugs In The App Or Third Party Changes

Sometimes you need to update your app because other parties make modifications that affect your app. Or we discover a bug in one of our building blocks. Apple can introduce a new operating system (iOS8?) or Facebook changes something which causes your Facebook page to not function properly in your app. For these kind of updates, no action is required on your behalf. AppMachine takes care of these updates automatically.



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