Use of apps grew by 115% in 2013

Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 16 Jan 2014

The use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets grew 115% in 2013 compared to app use the previous year. The Next Web recently published figures collected by Flurry that showed this enormous growth in app use in just the last year.

Flurry collects statistics from more than 400,000 apps and 3.5 billion app sessions per day. An analysis of Flurry’s data shows the fastest growth in the Messaging and Social apps categories. Use of apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter grew by an amazing 203%.

Productivity and Utilities apps also saw significant growth in 2013 with a 149% rise in use. This category includes text-editing apps, agendas, and apps like Evernote.

News and Media numbers also on the rise

Though other app categories stood far above News and Media and it’s “measly” 31% growth in 2013, let’s not forget that paper issues and subscriptions of newspapers and magazines have been in decline and that the app is more and more declaring itself the medium of the moment.

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