Welcome More Guests With A Restaurant App

App Building, Get Inspired Jerry Lieveld 25 Nov 2014

From browsing online menus to booking a reservation, mobile has become a crucial part of the restaurant business. So why is the mobile consumer still ignored by most restaurants?

It´s a strange contrast in the restaurant business. While restaurant guests are using mobile almost exclusively to browse the menu, make a reservation, find directions, or share food pics and reviews, many restaurants are still using desktop-optimized websites only. These sites are mobile unfriendly with long load times, heavy imagery, broken flash intros, and hard-to-read PDF menus.

Restaurants with desktop websites are not giving the mobile consumer a warm welcome to put it mildly. A good mobile marketing strategy could bring many more guests through the door.

To be discovered should be the first goal of any restaurant´s digital strategy. A mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized website and a local Google Business listing are digital beginner’s tools. Restaurants that are taking their mobile guests seriously should shift their focus towards a mobile app.

Why should restaurants have a mobile app?

A mobile restaurant app should be part of any restaurant´s marketing strategy for several reasons:

  • Apps are optimized for mobile devices
  • Apps are fast and work offline
  • One-tap calls and easy bookings
  • In-app loyalty programs with incentives
  • Push messages with personal offers
  • Restaurant apps include social media

Mobile websites are perhaps a good tool to attract new customers through SEO and local search, but mobile restaurant apps are the best way to strengthen customer loyalty. Restaurant apps offer a superior mobile user experience and make it easier to stay in touch. Guests are only a tap away from a glance at the menu and booking a table.

Personal marketing with push messages

As soon as it is downloaded, a restaurant app opens the path to personal micromarketing. AppMachine apps all include the free and unlimited use of push messages. You simply schedule your personal offers and schedule them to send automatically. See how push messages can be powerful marketing tools.

Restaurant apps with customer loyalty card

A restaurant app with a customer loyalty card enables restaurants to strengthen the loyalty of their quests. Make every guest a frequent guest. It’s the easiest way to raise your sales volume. Simply reward your guests for each visit.

AppMachine’s in-app customer loyalty card is a free and easy-to-use savings program for frequent visitors. At each visit, guests save points for a reward of their choice. The restaurant owner decides how many points are given and what the incentives should be, whether it’s a discount, free drink, second pizza on the house. It’s up to you. The restaurant simply scans the QR code in the client’s app to add points to their savings. The owner is always aware of the exact savings of each customer. Discover how the loyalty card strengthen your brand loyalty.

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