What To Expect From iOS 9?

Mobile News Jerry Lieveld 9 Sep 2015

According to Apple its new iOS 9 is “full of enhancements you’ll appreciate every day”. What are these enhancements? Does it improve your digital everyday life? And -to answer your most pressing question- will your apps work properly on iOS 9?

Although iOS 9 mostly improves iPads and although it won’t change the face of your iPhones drastically, there’s enough to be cheerful about: iOS 9 offers faster performance, improved security, longer battery life, better search tools and lots of improvements in app behavior.

iOS 9 is not an esthetic update like iOS 7; it’s just meant to make everything run smoother. And it does. So yes, you will appreciate iOS 9.

Mostly an iPad update

The iOS 9 update mostly is an improvement to make iPads more productive. A major enhancement of iOS 9 is its multitasking ability which means you can have several apps open at the same time, at the same screen. Use Safari to browse the web and keep you email client visibly open on the same screen. Or watch a video and follow the latest tweets in the glance of an eye. For now, the split screen function only works on iPad Air2 and for a limited set of apps, but it could make its way to other devices and apps.

iOS 9 Multitasking

Smarter Siri and Spotlight

What will jump out at you the most is probably the smarter Siri and better Spotlight search tool. Slide from your home screen and you will see a menu with suggestions, including quick access to your mostly used apps and contacts. Choose Nearby and Maps will offer you locations that match your phone. This makes it easier to find gas stations, restaurants or parking. Siri can be activated by a long press on the home button.
Spotlight will be improved with search for popular video content (Vimeo or YouTube) and now even searches for in third party apps, which means deep linking is now possible in iOS apps.

Siri & Spotlight

Notes and News

Another remarkable improvements can be seen in the Notes and News apps. They look better and work better. The News app on your home screen includes photo galleries, video’s and animations and even gets more personal the longer you use it. Its content is optimized for both iPhones and iPads.

The Notes app now makes it more convenient to add checklists, keep URL’s or draw a sketch with your finger. You notes will be updated with iCloud across all your Apple devices on iCloud.com. You can easily access the Notes app by tapping share in several apps, including Safari.

News & Notes

Will your apps work on iOS 9?

And to answer one of your most pressing questions: yes, your AppMachine apps will work on iOS 9, as long as you have updated your app in the App Store after July 15th. If you have not updated your app yet, please do so now.  We’ve already done some work for you: your update is ready to go. Just go to the AppMachine Designer and follow the instructions to update your app.

Do you have several apps? Please contact our helpdesk since we can update all your apps at once.

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